Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Christmas Explosion Photo

Sorry if the title was misleading. There's no ACTUAL explosion here, just a metaphorical explosion of Christmas cheer. I talked Rhett into doing a quick picture with me in my studio upstairs. He doesn't really wear his Christmas sweater anymore, but I still adore mine! He tends to like trends until they actually become trends, then he moves on. Of course I had to get Chipper one to match us! Lois at Dragonfly Inspires on Etsy made it special for him, and she did a wonderful job. I haven't let him wear it longer than just a few minutes at a time because I'm afraid he'll eat it. Unfortunately since I was using a remote to take the picture, there was no one behind the camera to get Chipper to look that way. I still got one of me and him where he was doing his cute head tilt though. Isn't he adorable?! The correct answer is, "yes, Kristi, he's beautiful. And you should brush your hair once in a while."

I also grabbed a shot of me and Rhett for our annual Christmas ornament. It actually turned out really cute! Of course we look like the Michelin twins because of our huge sweaters. I promise we haven't gained that much weight over the past year.

If I can talk Rhett into doing this just once a year, I'll consider myself pretty lucky. Anyway, I am getting ready to do my "Things to do in 2014" list so I wanted to go ahead and get my Christmas pictures posted before that. I mean Christmas photos after a New Year post would make NO sense, right? I'll see you guys on the other side!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Babin Family - Merry Christmas!

It's been a WHILE since I've posted because I've just been doing other things. I guess I haven't thought of blogging much recently, besides photo shoots. I still do fun things, I just forget to take pictures and write about them! I wanted to post some family photos that I did a few days before Christmas though because I just love them. I did 3 sessions that weekend, and they were all a lot of fun! 

Readers, meet the Babins! Emily (light gray top) is one of my dearest friends and former college roommate. While we were roommates I came to know her family, and I am so thankful for them!

Emily and her super awesome husband, Scott.  

We shot these in downtown Collierville around the square. It was quite cold that day, but these guys were troopers! I loved all the gorgeous Christmas decorations up, especially the big Christmas tree in the middle of the square. If I lived closer, I would definitely do more sessions there.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas filled with joy and family fun! Rhett and I were on the go for a couple of days just hopping between family gatherings. It was exhausting but nice. Today we enjoyed playing with the WiiU game we bought with our Christmas money :) I love these lazy days!

Friday, November 29, 2013

iPhone 4(S) Photo Case Giveaway - Space Jam and Hungry Policemen

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm still in my pajamas enjoying my day off work. I don't really get into Black Friday shopping, but I know a ton of people who do! I thought I might do a giveaway to combat all the money spending that is going on today :) It's always nice to win something, right?! I've been sitting on these two iPhone 4(S) cases for some time, just waiting for the right time to give them away. I tested them for a few days on my own phone and loved them! They definitely aren't for people who are prone to dropping their phone because it's not made for protection. It's made for looking awesome! They were made over at Aluminyze, which I highly recommend.

One case has Hungry Policemen on it, and the other features Space Jam, and there will be two winners! The first winner that I draw will get to choose their case. Here's how to enter:
  1. Like my Facebook Page: Kristi McMurry Photography
  2. Like the post on Facebook about this giveaway
Simple as that! Here are some options for even more entries:
  1. Comment on the post about this giveaway on Facebook saying which case is your favorite - one additional entry
  2. Share the giveaway on Facebook (make sure you make the privacy settings public so I can see it) - two additional entries
  3. Tweet about this giveaway and mention @KristiMcMurry - two additional entries
  4. Purchase a print from my shop on Etsy (Use code HOLIDAY30 for 30% off) - five additional entries per item purchased 
Happy entering! This giveaway will go all the way through Cyber Monday since that's the big internet shopping day. I will draw the winners on Tuesday. The first winner I draw will have their choice of phone case.

Monday, November 25, 2013

James + Kayleigh MARRIED!

One of my favorite weddings this year has been James and Kayleigh's! I met with them a few months before the wedding to do a "for fun" shoot that gave me a chance to get to know them and practice a few things I wanted to do. It was a great shoot so I knew the wedding would be awesome! As I took shots of Kayleigh and her maids getting ready, I kept finding myself giggling behind the camera because they were so funny. They were just a great group of girls! At one point they even broke into a Wicked sing-a-long together.

Once everyone was ready, we took the girls out for some photos, and then got the guys out for theirs. The Crown Winery is absolutely gorgeous, and I always adore shooting there. We had the bright sun to contend with, but we were able to get some good shots with the shade around the building. Luckily the building is one of the prettiest things about the whole place!

The ceremony began and it was perfect (besides a lost ring, which ended up making for a great story when it was found later)! Seeing James' face as his bride walked down the aisle was absolutely priceless. Those two are so adorable, and they have a wonderful group of friends and family.

After a delicious meal and some dancing, they headed off to begin their new life together! I am blessed to have shot a lot of amazing couples, and the Averys are no exception. They were kind to each other and everyone around them throughout the day, and that's something you just don't run across often. I truly wish them the best! I hope all of my future couples are as wonderful as these two :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Celebrating Nana's 90 Years

I've always been very family-oriented, and I know that stems from the way I grew up. My parents are divorced and both remarried, so I basically have 4 sides of the family. Four times the love! This particular post is about one of my faaaaaavorite family members: Nana, my step-dad's wonderful grandmother.

Nana and Gramps used to live in Huntsville, Alabama, where we would visit pretty often. Anybody been to the NASA Space Center there?! It's awesome. I loved going to their house to swim in their huge above-ground pool, watch tv on the little 12" screen in their room, eat chocolate waffles with Gramps and look at all the pretty things Nana kept around the house. Nana always took great care of us, and I remember always being really sad when we had to leave. Later they moved to Florence to be closer to my aunt and uncle. Gramps passed away several years ago, and as I've gotten older I haven't been able to visit quite as much. Nana made the trek here for my wedding though, and it meant the world to me! I loved seeing her there. Then recently we made the trip down for her 90th birthday party. 

We were not only celebrating her birthday, but we were commemorating the years and years that she has been a blessing to each and every person she knows. Everyone who knows her can affirm how sweet and totally sassy she is! Several people got up and told stories during the party, and there were plenty of laughs. I count myself VERY lucky to have a Nana like Evelyn Hope. 

The party was held at a lovely historic home in Florence. The lady who lives there was so fantastic! It was the perfect place for the event. We had a yummy meal and loads of homemade cupcakes. Mmmm I wish I could get me another one of those strawberry lemonade ones!

Mom and Guy 

We took a couple of photos after the party, then Rhett and Guy headed back home. Both of them are home-bodies, but mom and I were excited about a night away! The whole family stayed in a hotel there in Florence. We ended up all hanging out in the lobby watching football and eating pizza. It was truly a wonderful night, and I wish we could all get together like that more often! 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Exit 87 BBQ Stand Photos

After doing a Hello, Jackson post on the Exit 87 BBQ stand off I-40, they asked me to take some photos for a picture menu they needed. I was SO EXCITED! The photos will help non-English-speaking customers pick what they want visually. We used a really simple set-up in a pile of wood with a red and white picnic cloth. I can't wait to stop back by there soon and see the pictures on display!

aaaaaaand now I'm hungry...

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Celebrating Blakely's First Year

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing a sweet first birthday party for a fellow photographer. Amber mentioned in our Facebook group that she needed someone to come photograph the celebration so that she could just enjoy herself, and I'm so excited that she asked me to do it! I was totally not expecting such an amazingly decorated party, so I was pleasantly surprised. Some of the decor was left from a wedding in the barn a few weeks back, and they incorporated all of that really well. Of course with Amber being a photographer, there were plenty of pictures of Blakely all around. That little stinker is CUTE! I just want to squeeze her little chubby cheeks and leg rolls. There is seriously nothing more adorable than a sweet little one year old baby. It almost (big almost here) makes me want one of my own.

I mean just look at those details! And that cake! Blakely was mesmerized by the huge balloons and the lights. I loved all the faces she was making as she came in to the party.

The party was super laid back and fun, and I just really enjoyed capturing lots of candid moments and expressions. Watching her dig into that cake was just precious! Blakely is so blessed to have such a caring and sweet family to raise her up. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of the celebration, Amber!