Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Celebrating Nana's 90 Years

I've always been very family-oriented, and I know that stems from the way I grew up. My parents are divorced and both remarried, so I basically have 4 sides of the family. Four times the love! This particular post is about one of my faaaaaavorite family members: Nana, my step-dad's wonderful grandmother.

Nana and Gramps used to live in Huntsville, Alabama, where we would visit pretty often. Anybody been to the NASA Space Center there?! It's awesome. I loved going to their house to swim in their huge above-ground pool, watch tv on the little 12" screen in their room, eat chocolate waffles with Gramps and look at all the pretty things Nana kept around the house. Nana always took great care of us, and I remember always being really sad when we had to leave. Later they moved to Florence to be closer to my aunt and uncle. Gramps passed away several years ago, and as I've gotten older I haven't been able to visit quite as much. Nana made the trek here for my wedding though, and it meant the world to me! I loved seeing her there. Then recently we made the trip down for her 90th birthday party. 

We were not only celebrating her birthday, but we were commemorating the years and years that she has been a blessing to each and every person she knows. Everyone who knows her can affirm how sweet and totally sassy she is! Several people got up and told stories during the party, and there were plenty of laughs. I count myself VERY lucky to have a Nana like Evelyn Hope. 

The party was held at a lovely historic home in Florence. The lady who lives there was so fantastic! It was the perfect place for the event. We had a yummy meal and loads of homemade cupcakes. Mmmm I wish I could get me another one of those strawberry lemonade ones!

Mom and Guy 

We took a couple of photos after the party, then Rhett and Guy headed back home. Both of them are home-bodies, but mom and I were excited about a night away! The whole family stayed in a hotel there in Florence. We ended up all hanging out in the lobby watching football and eating pizza. It was truly a wonderful night, and I wish we could all get together like that more often! 

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