Monday, June 24, 2019

Matt & Sydney - Backyard Summer Garden Wedding in Tennessee

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting the Lane wedding in McKenzie, TN. My good friend Cari (Cari Griffith Photography) joined me as my second shooter for the day, and we had a blast! 

The weather predictions for this outdoor, backyard wedding were not looking good. They'd decided earlier in the week to get tents for the reception area, but the ceremony was to be uncovered regardless of the situation. I was nervous, but I was game for whatever happened! When I arrived, I got photos of everyone getting ready.

A lot of these detail shots are Cari's handiwork. Part of the reason I love working with her is that she's so good at the things I'm shaky on. We compliment each other well!

This was just after Sydney read the letter Matt wrote to her.

First look with granddad.

First look with dad.

We had a bit of a rain shower during portraits, but we still managed to get everything done before the ceremony! That's one of the main advantages of having two photographers for a wedding day, we could split the girls and guys and get more done at once.

Matt's family owns Block City Pizza, and Matt himself owns the one in McKenzie, so naturally they had some pizza elements in the wedding! 

Another groomspup! I love a good dog at a wedding.

Soon it was time for the ceremony to begin! With dark clouds looming all around, I think every person there was praying for a miracle.

So sweet!

Not a single rain drop during the ceremony! It was absolutely perfect.

Guests headed up to the reception to mingle and have popsicles while we took portraits.

That's not a pizza, IT'S A CAKE! It was strawberry. I didn't try it, but everyone who did said it was great.

Matt's mom made the popsicles and I had to show some serious restraint not to just eat one after another all night long.

Soon the pizza arrived!

Matt's sister also owns a branch of Block City Pizza, thus the pizza tattoo. I'm a big fan of this family! And their pizza.

This sweet couple hosted the wedding at their gorgeous home. They were so sweet and some seriously incredibly hosts!

The pizza was delicious! I will not be admitting how many pieces I ate. I also got sent home with a whole pizza that may or may not have been gone within 24 hours. Oops!

The sunset was gorgeous! I'm so glad we were able to step over and take a few shots. I didn't have a light set up for this wedding, but I was happy with how the on-camera flash performed to get what I wanted. 

There was a little bit of dancing, and then it was time for a sparkler exit. There were a lot of people there, so it was a good one!

And then they headed off to Nashville where they had a very early flight the next morning. I am friends with Matt on Facebook, so I got to see their photos from Hawaii the whole next week. I was not at all jealous! JK, I was. I'm so glad these two ended up having a perfect day. They are such wonderful people, and it was a pleasure documenting this day for them.