Friday, September 30, 2011

Photography Show and Barefoots

Early in the summer, I put some of my miniature photos up in Barefoots Joe, our campus coffee shop. They've been up a looooong time, but they officially came down yesterday. I got lots of great comments on them! Several people said they enjoyed how much color it brought to the space. It was kind of fun seeing them up when I went to grab coffee (which, let's be honest, is way too often). I just wanted to share some pictures of the show with you guys.

I am keeping three of the frames to use in my living room, but I'm hoping to hang the rest in a local bank with my roommate's pottery! My bank does a monthly(?) art show, and I'm hoping we can do a joint one together. I would link to her Etsy shop, but she hasn't started one yet (hint, hint KELSEY!).

I'm going to go ahead and get new mattes made because the mattes that came with the IKEA frames were a weird size. The space between the photo and matte REALLY bothers me, but I didn't have the money to do new mattes at the oh well! Barefoots patrons are very forgiving :)

Have a good weekend everyone! Enjoy this amazing Fall weather.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thank Goodness for Thumbs

Ok...I don't personally find my smashed thumb offensive or gross (it's just a run of the mill black nail), BUT if you think you will, then you should go ahead and skip this post.

We all good? Ok.

So guess what I did Sunday? I decided it would be fun to smash my thumb in the car door! Yeah! No, but really...holy crap did that hurt. Admittedly, I'm a bit of a baby when it comes to pain, but I think this would be painful for just about anybody. So this whole ordeal has really made me thankful for my thumbs. Almost everything I do involves my thumb in some way, so of course life is a little more difficult without it. I decided you guys might like a completely useless list of things that are difficult with a smashed thumb. You're welcome!

  1. texting (on a full keypad)
  2. typing (spacebar in-particular)
  3. using the bathroom (tmi, i know...but for real)
  4. buttoning anything (since when do ALL THE THINGS have buttons?!)
  5. pulling clothes from the bottom of the stack (as I so often love to do)
  6. turning the page of a book (shut up you crazy digital book readers)
  7. turning a key (front door, car ignition)
  8. pulling out a wedgie (i do this way too much)
  9. tying your shoes
  10. pulling your hair into a ponytail
  11. picking up my fat cat
  12. opening a soda bottle 
  13. UPDATE: making dinner (from CB) 
  14. UPDATE: cutting with a knife (from CB) 
  15. UPDATE: using a lighter (from CB)
There are plenty more, but I know you guys are yawning now...don't feel bad, I would be too.

What else would be hard with a smashed thumb? If you can think of anything else I could add, let me know and I'll add it and give you credit!

In case you are very concerned about my well-being, fret not. Nurse Paul put a couple of holes in the nail and it is slowing but surely starting to feel better. I'm on the road to recovery!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Friends and Food in Nashville

I posted about part of my Saturday the other day, but here is the rest! The main reason for Emily and me traveling to Nashville was to see our dear friend Libby finish her half marathon. We parked near 10 mile mark and based on the pace leaders figured out when she might come by. We were there just a few minutes, and all of the sudden there she was! We cheered... she smiled... it was nice. This was only about a block away from the finish line, so we headed over to get a good spot. People were already running in, and we eventually worked our way to the front to see her when she finished.

We are so proud of her! She worked really hard, and did so well. Her mom was walking it, so we hung out for a while and waited to cheer her on as she finished. It's really hard to describe the atmosphere at this race. I've been to races where people cheer you on, but this was insane. A lot of people finishing celebrated with cartwheels and other things that require much more energy than I would have after 13.1 miles. I don't think most races have this much hoopla, but they should!

After Libby got cleaned up and rested, we went to Elliston Place Soda Shop. Libby had passed it during the race and decided that's what she wanted. Who are we to deny a girl that just ran a half marathon?! I'm so glad we ended up going there because it was adorable. The waitress that served us was an absolute sweetheart, and the food was delicious as well. Of course we also indulged in some milk shakes...yummmmm.

Jukebox on the wall. Unfortunately it didn't work...I wanted to play Boogie Shoes!

This past Saturday was exactly what a Saturday should be. I got to see my friends, get out of town, shop, and eat great food. The perfect (though slightly hot) weather also had a lot to do with how much I enjoyed the day. I hope I get to have another "perfect" Saturday again soon!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Colonel Mustard and the Purple Socks

Yesterday I posted about shopping at Honeybean, and today I'm wearing one of my purchases!

shirt- Honeybean
tank- H&M
belt- thrifted
necklace- estate sale
pants- Target
shoes- Aerosoles

Yesterday I wore the blue skirt to church, but I didn't leave it on long enough to take pictures (it was a sweatpants around the house kind of day). But today I sported the mustard yellow men's shirt that I picked up! I know it's weird, but it reminds me of my granddaddy. He always wore button down shirts (though never in mustard and always with suspenders) so I feel like I'm channeling him with this outfit.

Since it's a men's cut, it's not really practical to button it all the way down unless I'm tucking it in. The bottom button barely fastens because I have wide WOMAN-ly hips :) I figured wearing it open with a tank and a belt would be just as good! It's easing me into cardigan weather, which I'm actually pretty excited about.

Ok, now I'm going to share another outfit on another girl! 

This is my dear friend Margaret. She is a senior at the school I work at, and we've been buddies now for a couple of years. One of her current assignments is to photograph a staff member in their environment, and she chose me! Since my environment is my desk...that's where she photographed me. If she sends me the photo, I'll post it for you guys.

Margaret has always been one of my fashion inspirations. She has a quirky style and always finds the best pieces at thrift stores (like those booties)! Since she was kind enough to take a few photos of my outfit, I decided I would share hers as well. I just love the over-the-knee socks! I tried it once last year, but I have a hard time making it work. Margaret pulls the look off perfectly.

Thanks, Margaret, for choosing me for your project! I hope it turns out well. And to my readers, I hope your Monday is going swimmingly...or as swimmingly as a Monday can go (so I guess maybe dog-paddlingly)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Visit to Honeybean

My Saturday was one long string of activity. I'm going to break it up into two posts, so I don't overwhelm you guys with pictures and words. I will still do you the favor of summarizing some of my day, though...because I know you're on the edge of your seat!

Emily and I woke up bright and early and drove to Nashville. We made it to the Country Music Hall of Fame in plenty of time to see our friend Libby finish her half-marathon. She did so well! It's inspired me to do one in November with Emily (I know...I don't claim to be completely sane). Anyway, we left Libby to rest for a while and we went to the flea market to see Kaelah with her Honeybean! I didn't have the good sense to find out where on the Fairgrounds they were located, so Emily and I walked around for a while...and there was PLENTY to look at.

Emily resisting the urge to buy ALL THE BEADS

I am not even kidding when I say the LAST booth we came to in the entire flea market was Honeybean. I had tweeted to Kaelah in despair just seconds before I looked up to see it sitting there in all it's glory. Am I surprised I walked around the whole flea market before I found them? No...The sad part is that it was really close to where we walked in, I just didn't walk down that particular row.


I introduced myself and chatted with Kaelah and Mike for a few minutes and then hit the racks. I found a great blue pencil skirt, a men's mustard button down, and an adorable handmade hair bow. I think I'm going to wear the skirt tomorrow, so an outfit post may be in order.

This was a soft opening for honeybean, so I'm hoping to go back again soon! She said they would have other designers and sellers participating, so there is sure to be tons of variety. I love the shopping environment and the aesthetic of their booth. I always appreciate it when people carry out a "look" in every aspect of their business, which I definitely think Kaelah and Mike have done. 

Emily, me, Kaelah

Yes...I'm wearing a tank top and jeans, but I was walking around outside all day, so I'm excused I hope. What you don't know is that I was radiating "outdoor smell." You know the's not pleasant. I hope my odor didn't offend (though I'm almost positive I wasn't the worst smelling person out there. This is the South after all). Anyway, Kaelah looked absolutely adorable, as usual! This was my first time meeting a blogger in person, and it was so fun! Kaelah and Mike were so much fun to talk to, and hopefully I'll run into them again soon. 

If any of you guys are local, stop by and see them at the flea market. They're nice people, and they're selling some great vintage and handmade! If you're not local, you can certainly pop over to her blog and say hi.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New on Etsy

That's right, I'm now carrying jewelry in my Etsy shop! Each piece is made of antiqued silver plated brass, glass, and features various photos from my miniatures series. There are necklaces on 30" chains, stud earrings, and simple adjustable rings to choose from, and the photos I'm using are Lollipop Forest, Cupcake Mountains, Hungry Policemen, and Woodland Crafters 2. (Coupon at the bottom! Be sure and scroll down for that.)

I'm totally beside myself with excitement about this! In fact it's really hard not to put at least 10 exclamation points after every sentence...and capitalize ALL THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!! Ok, it's out of my system. Anyway, here are some pictures of the pieces for your viewing pleasure.

You can see them all in my Etsy shop here.

How it happened:
One of my favorite things about Etsy (besides makin da monies) is the community. It sounds geeky, but I've actually made myself a few internet friends in the Etsy community! One of those friends happens to also be a photographer and runs a shop called jerseymaids. We were chatting one day about making photo jewelry, and I told her how I had tried once and BIG FAT FAILED. She proposed the idea of collaborating, and it went from there. She made all of these, and they are such good quality! I'm really impressed with her skills, and I hope this partnership continues and even grows in the future.

I'd love to know what you all think of these! I personally love them. They actually fit into my style, which I think is pretty important. I don't think I could be excited to sell something that I wouldn't wear myself. Since this is a new adventure, I'm offering free shipping on these until further notice! Use the coupon code MINISSHIPFREE (minis ship free with no spaces) when you checkout. 

I also want to thank you all for your support and wonderful comments. <3 you all!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Terry and Tenille

Word of mouth is the best marketting tool that any photographer can have. If you do your job well and are a generally pleasant person to work with, you're get more customers! Tenille and I have a mutual friend, and she came to me to do her engagement portraits. I took them downtown at just the perfect time of day! The day had that end-of-summer look to it, and I loved it.

I am actually really happy with the way they turned out, which is rare. I'm usually pretty critical of my own work, and I just pretend to back it up. These I genuinely like! Terry and Tenille liked them too, and ended up asking me to shoot their wedding as well, which I'm very excited about! They were a great couple to work with, and I really look forward to their December wedding.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Les Misérables at The Orpheum

My very generous step-dad bought tickets for him, my mom, and me to see the matinee of Les Misérables at The Orpheum on Sunday. I first went to The Orphuem when I was (insert young age here) to see The Phantom of the Opera, and thus began my love of the gorgeous venue and of on-stage musicals. This is the second time I've see Les Mis, and it's a very different show now than it was a few years ago, mainly because of the major changes in the set.

I am one of those people that tears up at those moments when the music swells and the actor reaches that know the one. Les Mis has several of those moments. Heart-stopping, take-your-breath-away moments. The actor who played Jean Valjean, J. Mark McVey, was especially good in my opinion, as was Jevert, Andrew Varela.

publicity photo. not mine

I noticed two major differences now that they've updated the set. *spoilers, but you should all know this story by now anyway* 1. The suicide scene. IT WAS AMAZING. They got really creative and made it a lot more dramatic than I remember it being before. In fact, I barely remembered it at all after the first time, but I assure you I will remember it this time. 2. The battle scene at the barricade. Eh...I think this scene lost a lot of it's impact. I just remember this epic moment at the end when I literally stopped breathing, and it wasn't there with the new set. It was still an effective scene, it just wasn't as...epic. Overall, though I think the show has improved a lot since I saw it last. If you saw it with the old set, you should definitely see it again.

I really could go on and on about this, but I don't want you all to think I'm a nut. I guess this is the first time I've ever blogged about a musical. Now you know a new fact about me: I am a huge fan of musical theatre. Now I'll go back to listening to the soundtrack :)

Friday, September 16, 2011


I want to share with you guys one of my favorite soap makers. I started buying bar soap on Etsy a couple of years ago, and have never gone back to store-bought. I just love the huge variety of scents that are available, and I always love to help out small businesses (Rhett would say this makes me a hipster). One of my favorite sellers so far has been Prunella.

I always order multiples because I don't want to be buying soap every few weeks. Three bars will usually last me several months. Anyway, I got her "choose any three" option and chose Peppermint Vanilla, Tea Tree Lime and Blood Orange Ginger. In addition to those, she sent me a couple of samples. So far the sample of Rosemary Peppermint Lavendar that she sent has been my favorite. I rarely gush about things like soap, but OH MY GOODNESS. It smells like...well rosemary, peppermint, and lavendar...which is a killer combo! The rosemary also makes it like a massage bar, which feels great on your back especially. I just opened the Peppermint Vanilla the other day and am really enjoying it as well. I think scents with mint involved are my favorite, and vanilla is always pleasant.

Another aspect of Prunella that I love is the branding. I appreciate a well thought out "look" for a brand that doesn't include an ugly font. Prunella has beautiful packaging right down to the cushioning material, gorgeous shop photos, and great product to back it up. This really is small business done right...all of you entrepreneurs should take note.

*all photos from Prunella soap shop on Etsy

If you guys are looking for some great soap and like to buy handmade and want an overall pleasant experience, I highly recommend Prunella!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

a wedding guest

I can only think of a few weddings that I've been to as a guest. I'm usually the photographer, and once I was a bridesmaid. It's actually really nice to be able to just go and enjoy the celebration. This past Saturday I went to a wedding with Rhett. The bride is his step-cousin by marriage and a friend of mine from high school. It was a nice wedding and the weather was perfect for the outdoor reception! We didn't stay long enough to see it, but they released sky lanterns during the reception. I saw some pictures and it looked so neat! Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from the night. I actually got Rhett to take one good picture with me...success!

...and a silly one. The sunset was making everything there look bright pink.

Monday, September 12, 2011


I am a little ashamed that it has taken me this long to blog about my favorite restaurant in town. Tulum is a Fresh Mexican Grill place that has a really beachy, light-hearted feel. If I can look past the Comic-Sans branding you KNOW I must love the food. (This is coming from the girl who will choose not to buy something based solely on the font on the label...usually Comic Sans, Curlz, Jokerman, or *shiver* Papyrus)

Anyway, enough about ugly fonts. THIS PLACE IS THE BOMB...yes I said it, the bomb...we all loved the 90s. It took me a couple of visits to get up the courage to try fish tacos, but OH MY they are good. I also love the tortas there, carne asada or machacha. I had fish tacos this Sunday because I'd recently eaten the ones at Cheddar's and needed to remind myself what a good fish taco should taste like (sorry, Cheddar' just don't measure up).

There they are in all their Obviously I couldn't restrain myself from taking a few bites before I took the picture. There are other things I love about Tulum other than the great fish tacos. You order at the front and they bring your food out, so it's pretty quick usually. I like that you can get your own salsa and drinks too. The tomatillo is SO GOOD. The back patio is also pretty nice. I've only sat out there twice, but I love the atmosphere. I do think they need a water installation or something out there to drown out the cars. Other than that, though, it's pretty perfect.

For those that read my blog and live here, you need to try this place out! If you don't live here, you should hop on a plane and give me a call. I'm buyin'!

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Dear blog, I'm so sorry that I'm still neglecting you. One of these days I will get back to regular posting, but in the meantime here are some senior pictures that I took recently.

This is Kaleigh, another of Rhett's cousins. I have noticed a trend...I photograph people who I know most of the time. That's probably because I don't advertise or have a photography website :) I guess word of mouth is a pretty good advertisement! Anyway, I was really happy with how the pictures turned out. I took them at Casey Jones, one of my favorite places in Jackson, and the sun was tucked neatly behind the clouds all morning. Thanks, sun!

I know I'm a little late, but I hope you all had a great Labor Day! I spent the day with my friends Emily and Libby. They ran the Chickfila 5K in Memphis that morning and then we did some shopping. It was an absolutely perfect day! I will share pictures'll die when you see the lake by her apartment. It's ridiculously gorgeous.