Monday, January 31, 2011

adorable newborn kenli

Since I have portable lights now, I took one over to Rhett's one night and took some pictures of Kenli, his sweet little niece. Even though she sleeps all the time, she happened to be awake on the night I took the pictures! Unfortunately that's a bad thing with newborn pictures, because they're easier to work with when they're sleeping. She didn't cry or anything, but I still didn't get to take a lot...I'm sure I'll take more at the 3 month mark!

Eeeep! I love little baby toes :)

It's going to be so much fun to watch this little cutie grow up. 

Friday, January 28, 2011

MableMae - some new favorites

I did another shoot this month for MableMae on Etsy! She had a lot of cute pink stuff for Valentine's Day, and these GREAT cloud print pieces. I just love the patterns that she uses. Here are a few of my favorites from this batch:

This was the first shoot that I got to do from home! My new lights make it soooooo much easier. I just sat this stuff out on my desk and shot away. And the best part is that I could watch TV at the same time! haha. Check out MableMae if you haven't already <3

I hope you all have a great Friday!

if you like these pictures and would like me to take photos for YOUR Etsy shop, let me know. I'd love to!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

too much snow to handle

These pictures are actually from last Thursday, but it just snowed AGAIN last night. This winter has brought an uncharacteristically large amount of snow to my neck of the woods. I'm just glad it's not the kind that lingers for days and days. I'm not a big fan of snow, so I'm just ready for it to stop. While it's actually snowing, I think it's the most gorgeous thing in the world, but once it becomes a slushy mess I HATE it.

I was so excited to find these BCBGeneration shoes at Marshall's for only $20! I almost always get my shoes there. I'm so rough on my shoes that I feel bad spending a lot, but this way I can get decent quality shoes and not feel bad for wearing them out! The necklace was made by my dear friend, Amanda. She doesn't make jewelry regularly, but she keeps it up as a hobby. I think she's great at it! I wish I had a closer shot of this necklace. It's made of individual wire squares.

This was pre-haircut. I am a much happier person now, without my unsightly dead ends. Also, I'd like to thank Sarah again for taking my pictures! There was no way I could set up a tripod on my back porch in the snow...without killing Chuck (my camera). Luckily Sarah was dropping by to pick something up anyway! Thanks, friend!

shirt, vest, jeans - Express
shoes - BCBGenration (Marshall's)
necklace - handmade
earrings - years and years old, from my childhood

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ally's Ceramic Work

My friend Ally is a ceramics major graduating THIS YEAR! Pretty soon all my friends are going to graduate and I won't know anyone in the department anymore. Sad :( She asked me to shoot some slides of her work from last semester, so I thought I'd share some on here. I love the small details that she adds!

She gave me this adorable batter bowl :) I've already made pancake batter with it a few times, and it works really well! Don't you love the paint splatter effect on it?

She's so talented! I can't wait to see what her senior exhibition will be.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Christmas Gifts

So this past Christmas, I decided to document some of my gifts. These aren't the only great gifts that I got, just the most photogenic. Even though I know it's not the purpose of Christmas, I just really enjoy picking things out for people and seeing what they picked out for me. To me, giving a gift (no matter the value) is the best way to show that you care! I love that I've never felt obligated or pressured to give gifts to my family members, so each gift that I give is straight from the heart (sorry about the mushy gushy). I like to believe that is also true for the people that gave me the gifts that I'm about to share :)

This was my gift from Pop. He knows that I've been collecting cameras since I inherited my Granddaddy's collection, and he gave me this amazing camera to add to my collection. When he was teaching, one of his colleagues used this camera (and another one just like it) for yearbook photographs. When this colleague passed away, the cameras ended up with Pop...and now one of them is sitting proudly on my bookshelf.  It really means a lot to me that he gave me this! I can't wait to get some film and test it out.

When you tell people you like milk'll get a lot of milk glass for Christmas. This isn't even all of it! Of course I love each piece, and I've got quite the vase collection going now. I'm planning on using them for my wedding someday. 

This is a vase from a local potter, Eric Botbyl. Eric and I have some mutual friends and have met a few times. I really love his work so mom got me this vase of his. He used rope to make those great grooves in the side, and apparently this was the first time he tried that! So I guess it's a first edition of sorts :) 

Mom got this adorable little camera from Etsy. It was in my favorites, so she knew I'd like it! I have this little guy sitting on a shelf in my room. 

Paige got me this really cool lens case from the antique store. I haven't used it yet, but it looks really cute sitting with my cameras! 

Here's another gift from mom, a gorgeous scarf from Etsy. I love the colors in this one...and it's SO SOFT. 

This lamp was given to me by T (my step-dad's mom/Pop's wife). She knew that I loved milk glass and gave me this lamp that she used to use in her home! I love it! I'm planning on moving it to the living room someday, but right now it's brightening up my dining room.

Some other great things that I received: Anna Sui retrospective, new GPS, Shadowbox with keepsakes of my Granddaddy's, Boy Meets World 4, awesome new radio for my car, floor lamp, and lots of other wonderful things from wonderful people. This really was a wonderful Christmas. I got to see a bunch of people that I love, and it was actually a nice relaxing break from "regular life."

Ok that is officially the LAST post from Christmas 2010. I hope I didn't burn you all out :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Staying at my Mommy's

I've spent the last few Christmas's at my mom's house, which is about 45 minutes away. I didn't grow up in this house, so it doesn't really feel like "home." Mom and my step-dad have lived here for a while, so it's slowly starting to feel like my home since they live there. I actually live in the house I spent a lot of my childhood in, but without my parents here, it also doesn't feel like home. It's so strange! But anyway the wood stove at mom's makes it super cozy in the winter. Even though there are several spare bedrooms,  I like to sleep on the couch so I can be nice and toasty all night. Doesn't it look so warm and inviting?!

Pretty morning light. Mom and I like to enjoy a cup of coffee together in the morning.

 This is the baby Jesus ornament. He is ALWAYS in the center of the tree. 

And here's my little bed. I love curling up there and watching Elf. I usually watch it every night that I'm there, although I never make it much past where Zooey Deschanel is singing in the shower.

I apologize for being SO SO SO late on my Christmas posts. Although, I actually like going back through these pictures now and reliving a little bit of the fun and coziness :) My next post will be about some of the wonderful gifts that people gave me. I got some really special things from some wonderful family and friends.

Friday, January 14, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

I always have a good day when I'm wearing a lot of my favorites. And lately, everything I get becomes a favorite! I've been a lot more selective about what I buy, so most of the things I wear now, I really love. Plus I have great friends (Gabrielle) that give me super-amazing-crazy-warm mittens!

Winter HATES my hair. I can't do anything with it because it is so thin and dry. In the summer it air dries and looks fine, but in the winter it just likes to stick to my face. Whatever, I'm over it. But try not to judge me too much on my lifeless hair. I'm not the kind of girl that enjoys getting gussied up everyday, so I just let it be drab in the winter and try to ignore it.  

I was super skeptical about skinny pants at first, but now it's all I wear! I don't want them to be painted on, but I love when they are fitted all the way down. I feel like it makes me look much more toned, and it makes it ok to wear loose tops! Seeing as I actually like my legs and am ashamed of my belly pooch, this is perfect! These pants are some brownish ones that I got at Target for $6. WOO!

coat, ring - Express
shirt - UO
mittens - Etsy (from Gabrielle)
pants - Target
booties - Fred Flare
locket - vintage

Special thanks to Sarah, my co-worker and executive dean of signage, for taking these pictures for me. I really appreciate her tolerating my "bizarre" requests!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Family Gingerbreading and Lots of Pictures!

Last year we sort of began a tradition of making a gingerbread house on Christmas Eve. It's loads of fun and super messy...which makes for an interesting evening! It's me, sister, Tina (my step-mom), and my cousins. We always have a lot of fun are some pictures from the gingerbread-house-making.

 the beginning

 Sister is getting ready to sneak some icing. It was SO GROSS but she kept eating it anyway.

 My artistic cousins helped with the decorating. It looked so much better than last year when I was in charge! They actually made some straight lines :) 

 The roof may have caved it... But we fixed it!

 I have adorable cousins :)

Sorry this post is so photo heavy :) It was really hard to choose my favorites! We also made some ridiculous looking cookies. They looked pretty terrible, but they were yummy! We actually used cookie cutters and decorated them all cute, but they sort of clumped together in the oven.

 (above) uncooked and still actual shapes. (below) cooked mass

Me and sister! 

It was such a wonderful night! I hope we continue this tradition for a long time. I really enjoy spending this time with my lovely family. Do any of you make a gingerbread house every year? It's really fun!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snowy Church Gathering

I attend a home church each Sunday that actually meets in my living room! We have four families plus me and my cousin, and we have wonderful visitors occasionally. One great thing about having such a tight knit church is that we are all very close. For Christmas this year, we decided to have a get-together at one of the other members' home, and it happened to be the first day we got snow this winter! I made a short little video showing a few clips of the snow with some clips of our gathering.

Doesn't it look so fun?! It's actually a little deceiving...the music makes it seem much more calm than it really is. With all the children we have there, it's rarely calm! But we love it that way :)

 The snow back at my house. It didn't stick, but it was so pretty!

Mike making our coffee for the day...French press yummmmmm

He got to go around this year and say all he wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth! 

 Had to include this adorable little booger. The baby...not Mike :)

This is what I contributed to the meal. I just bought a bundle of asparagus and baked it with olive oil, basil, and Parmesan cheese.  It was really yummy! Tabitha made this amazing butternut squash soup that was possibly the best soup I've EVER EATEN!

Mike and Tab have some interesting Mary and Joseph sculptures from a nativity scene( i think.) They are pretty much the ultimate conversation piece! Angelia does a pretty good job imitating Joseph, don't you think?

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and video from our Christmas gathering! I certainly enjoy each moment that we all spend together.

On a separate note, it snowed again! Today is REAL snow, though. It's a few inches deep, so there's no school (or work for me!) and I'm going to be shooting a Survivor audition video for a friend! I have no idea what to do for the video, but I think it'll be loads of fun shooting in the snow.