Thursday, January 28, 2016

Oliver & Adora's Downtown Jackson Winter Engagment

This time last week, I was getting ready for bed knowing that there would be snow on the ground when I woke up! We only ended up getting about two inches, but it was still nice to have a few days of real winter. I had Adora and Oliver's engagement session scheduled for Saturday, and luckily the snow had melted just enough for us to get out. We had to skate over ice patches during the shoot, but we finished up with no incidents! We had a lot of fun meandering through downtown Jackson looking for good spots, and I am so glad we got a few with the snow on the ground, since that doesn't happen much around here. 

Here are some of my favorites from their shoot:

Her eyes are so gorgeous!  

They are both so easy-going and fun! I can't wait for their wedding this May.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Jonathan and Breanne's Winter Brownsville Tn Wedding

For my first wedding of the year, I got to spend the day with Jonathan and Breanne and their wonderful friends and family. It was a very well organized and smooth day, and luckily their church is so pretty that it didn't matter how much it rained outside! We did all but a few photos inside, and we only did a few outside under walkway cover. I loved all the little details of the day, especially Breanne's dress, which was her grandmother's. Here are some of my favorite shots from the day - 

We started out the day at Bravo! Salon, where Breanne and her maid-of-honor Gabi got their hair and makeup done. The ladies at the salon did a beautiful job and were fun to chat with. We were all gushing about Breanne's amazing hair. It's so long and gorgeous!

After leaving the salon, we headed to the church and I snagged a few shots of the guys trying to figure out their cufflinks. They were having fun!

Breanne finished getting ready at the church, then it was time for a very adorable first look and gift exchange.

I gave them a few moments to talk and enjoy each other's company, then we did portraits in the sanctuary. I love how classic it was in there! So many newer churches have no character, so I enjoy shooting in older churches with beautiful wooden pews and nice windows.

Breanne's unique and sculptural bouquet was by J. Kent Freeman in Jackson, TN.  

The shot on the right is one of my favorites. Those transom (I think transom...they are pretty high up) windows are part of that gorgeous character I mentioned.

If I remember correctly, Breanne's grandmother wore this dress in the 60s. It was so perfect for Breanne!

We took a few shots with the bridal party and family before the ceremony.

Breanne's grandmother loved getting to see her dress worn again. Such a sweet moment between them!

I took some time between portraits and the ceremony to take some detail shots around the gym, where the reception was held.

Time for the ceremony! Y'all, that church was packed completely full. It was so sweet to see everyone so excited to celebrate with Jonathan and Breanne.

Always love to catch the bride's mother if I can.  

It was such a sweet ceremony with some hymns for the congregation to sing, which I LOVE. Can everyone start doing that? I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but I really enjoy congregational singing at weddings.

It was so cloudy that it got extremely dark in that sanctuary. It was prettier with the main lights out, so we turned them off after the processional, and I had to shoot the ceremony at 10,000 ISO. For those of you who know a little about photography, you know that's insane. And of course as soon as they recessed out of the church, the sun came out and the church was bright as can be. Oh well, the ambiance for the ceremony was beautiful, and I know everyone will remember how lovely it was!

The reception started off with a receiving line, and then everyone had some food. It was a pretty laid back event, and they did the traditional cake cutting and some toasts.

After the reception, they changed clothes and left the reception through a tunnel of sparklers. Guess where they were headed? Mexico! I was so jealous, but I went to Walt Disney World later that week, so I couldn't be too mad ;) I bet it was nice and warm in Mexico though!

Congrats Jonathan and Breanne!

Venue: Woodland Baptist Church, Brownsville
Hair and Makeup: Bravo! Salon, Jackson
Floral: J. Kent Freeman
Cake: Bridgett Lockett