Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Craig & Morgan's Century Farm Winery Wedding

About a week and a half ago, Craig & Morgan stood in front of their loved ones at the gorgeous Century Farm Winery and committed their lives to one another. It may have been one of the hottest days EVER, but that didn't take away from the happiness of the day at all. It was perfect! 

We started the day a few miles away at Union Grove Methodist. The girls set up a full-blown salon in the basement, while the guys were hanging out upstairs eating pizza. 

The ring bearer and flower girl had their own capes!  

After everyone was ready, I took the guys over to the winery for photos, then came back for the girls so that Craig and Morgan wouldn't see each other. 

After I was done taking the girls' portraits, I stayed behind at the winery to get some detail shots. Some of these below are from back at the church before portraits

Morgan's twin sister made her this cute little table full of wedding day/honeymoon supplies. It was adorable!  

LOVE this guestbook idea. Guests sign a cork and place it in the birdcage over on the left.  

The medical bag holding the fans was a gift that was passed down from a family member.  

Soon guests began to arrive, and everyone was mingling around the reception area. It was such a relaxed time with lots of excitement and fun! After a little bit of resting in the shade, everyone headed over the ceremony area.

Morgan waiting in the tank room of the winery.  

Craig laid a rose in a seat for his late mother. I know it meant a lot to him and his family to have her honored in that way.  

It was a gorgeous day! 

I love that I caught a shot of Craig playing with his ring. I see this all the time after the ceremony, and I always think it's adorable. It really does feel so weird wearing a ring for the first few days! 

We took portraits for a little bit, with a little marriage license signing in the middle. The sun finally came out for me after being behind the clouds for a little bit right after the ceremony.

Next it was time for the reception, which was very low-key. I loved the music they had playing, and all the kids were really getting down! Once the sun was down, there was a nice breeze and it was the perfect summer evening. 

Congrats to the Fields!