Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sarah & Chance - Southern Spring Wedding in Dyer, Tennessee

Oh hey, I'm still here! I had the first three months of the year completely off from weddings, so sorry about the blogging hiatus. I'm back at it though, and my first wedding of 2017 was a fun one! Sarah worked at Union for a little while, and I enjoyed getting to know her there. She is from Dyer, which is a very small town in TN, and has a wonderful family there! She and Chance are so sweet together, and their families were so joyful on their wedding day. It was a great one to photograph, I must say!

I arrived at the church early in the afternoon and started out with photos of everyone getting ready as well as some detail shots.

I went ahead and got some pictures of the guys first, and they spent the rest of the pre-wedding time hanging out outside. It was a pretty beautiful day! Warm but not hot and with a nice breeze. We didn't take any pictures outside at this point because it was mid-day and there was no shade to use outside.

We really only took a couple of shots of them in the sanctuary, then it was time for Sarah to get in her dress, so I went back upstairs.

The first thing on the agenda after Sarah was ready was for her to see her dad. Y'all....I don't even think I have to tell you there were tears. So many tears.

Sarah is the youngest of three girls, and her family is very close. Mr. Dale is the definition of a doting father, and he very clearly loves his girls with all his heart. After this first look, we took bridal portraits and bridesmaids pictures in the sanctuary.

Sarah's two sisters are on the left. They were a hoot! 

After these shots, we did family portraits and then it was just time for wait for the ceremony! Guests started trickling in pretty early.

They're married! I love Chance's huge smile.

Kisses from mom after the wedding. There were lots of hugs and happy tears.  

Family members stuck around for portraits after the ceremony. 

We finished up portraits and headed to the Elks Lodge in Trenton for the reception. Thankfully I made it there without getting lost because the address wouldn't come up in Google. My stepdad helped with directions since he is from Dyer also.

The reception was a lot of fun! Good food, dancing, fellowship. They exited to sparklers and were off to enjoy their honeymoon at the gulf.

I'm so glad they chose me to document this wonderful day for them!

Ceremony: New Bethlehem Baptist Church
Reception: Trenton Elks Lodge
Hair: Pam Marvin and Vanessa Gray
Cakes: Glynis Dexter
BBQ: Bobby Sullivan
Floral: Green Things Floral
Bride's Dress: Rina's Bridal Boutique in Jackson, TN