Thursday, January 18, 2018

Georganna & Wayne - Rose Gold and Greenery Winter Wedding at the Opera House Event Hall in Humboldt Tennessee

I regularly have nightmares about weddings. Most of the time, there's something that prevents me from getting to the wedding, or I get there and I'm completely incompetent. It's REAL fun, y'all. Ok, but seriously, this past weekend was almost a nightmare come true. Thursday night there was ice and snow predicted, and thankfully I thought to go to my office and get all my equipment before it started, just in case.

Sure enough, it came down! The roads were completely impassable that day, and my little car was not going to be driving on that stuff any time soon, even on Saturday.

So what's a girl to do? I had a wedding Humboldt, and besides having an awful cold, I couldn't drive there! Thankfully my super sweet husband was willing to take me there in his truck with 4WD. We made it to Humboldt before we had any big problems. We got detoured into the neighborhood near downtown that is full of hills! Hills and ice don't mix. I held my breath for a full 10 minutes, I swear.

We finally arrived, and I unloaded my stuff and got to work. Rhett headed back home, and once I knew he was safely home, I could relax. I got lots of photos of the details around the gorgeous Opera House Event Hall.

I thought the decor was just phenomenal! I am not up on my decor terms, but I believe that's rose gold...possibly some copper? Whatever it is, it looks perfect with all the greenery and the cozy, warm light at The Opera House.

After getting detail shots, I got pictures of the girls and guys getting ready.

Georganna wanted to do a first look with her bridesmaids and her dad. Both were so sweet!

Georganna was GLOWING! She is such a beautiful girl, and that dress is just amazing. We had just a little time to get some portraits done before letting guests come upstairs to be seated.

I normally use the opposite wall for portraits, but the winter light in the Opera House is much different! The sun was poring through those huge windows right onto that wall. You can see what I mean in the ceremony pictures. I kind of liked mixing it up with the different wall!

I thought this was such a cool idea! Wayne and Georganna wrote letters to each other and put them in this box. During the ceremony they nailed the box shut. I can't remember when they plan to open it, but it's a way to bring them back to this day when they made this commitment to each other. I could see this being a beautiful way to celebrate a big anniversary!

Next friends and family gathered to pray over them.

Hooray marriage! I followed them into the back room and got some fun pictures of them celebrating with the wedding party.

After the ceremony we took some portraits upstairs and made plans to do some in the courtyard later. I'll go ahead and post them all together.

My wall! I like the sun's different!

Now it's on to the fun reception!

I think someone was given a little bit of an advantage here! It's always cute when the little ones catch the bouquet. 

After lots of dancing, they did their exit with bubbles outside. I wish there was a way to do it through the snow, but there would have been too much of a slipping risk! It turned out cute regardless. 

Georganna and Wayne were such a blast to photograph! They seriously need no direction in their portraits. They are just so naturally sweet together, and I love it. They were also so calm and collected considering the weather situation. They didn't let it get to them and enjoyed the day to its fullest!

I hitched a ride back to Jackson with the videographers (Thank you, Jerrett!) after someone jumped their van off (Thank you, officer!). It was quite an adventure. A drive that normally takes 20 minutes took well over an hour. I wanted to kiss the floor when I got home, and I never wanted to be in a car driving on ice again!

All things considered, this turned out to be quite the opposite of a nightmare, and I wish these two all the best!

Venue: Opera House Event Hall
Catering: Silla's Spoon
Videography: Lynn Productions
DJ: Byron Hatch