Sunday, May 31, 2015

Max & Allison's Bilingual Rustic Peaceful Oaks Barn Wedding

Max & Allison's wedding, held at Peaceful Oaks Bed & Breakfast, was the first wedding that I've done where two completely different cultures came together to celebrate. A lot of Max's family came all the way from China for the occasion! Because many of his family members didn't speak English, they had a translator for the ceremony and some of the reception activities. It was such a unique experience! Everyone had a great time together dancing and celebrating with Max & Allison. I never once felt like there was a disconnect between the families, which you would think might happen with a language barrier. As cheesy as it sounds, love totally bridged that gap!

Allison's grandfather's car, which we used in lots of photos.  

I started the day with Allison and her bridesmaids getting ready upstairs. I convinced them to keep the lights off part of the time so I had that nice, flattering window light! Allison is a pretty calm, collected girl, so the morning went very well. Eventually more people arrived, and there was lots of activity. The little girls up there were hamming it up for my camera! They were precious.

Allison and her sister could totally pass for twins 

With Allison & Max all dressed and ready, it was time for their first look!

How cute are they?! Max is hilarious, and he had Allison laughing all day. I love seeing couples laughing together. I'm all for being serious when it's appropriate, but life is just better when you're smiling! We moved on to bridal party and family photos, then it was time for the ceremony.

It was so interesting to hear the ceremony translated. This was the second time in a short period that I had the urge to try and learn another language. I just don't know what language I would learn! Or even if I could at this point. I have a terrible memory, so I would have to learn something that I could practice often. Anyway, after the ceremony, we took some more family photos, then it was time to eat and party!

We did a few more portraits before I left (some of these were from the middle of the reception).

Congrats, Max & Allison! 

BBQ: Serian Frahm (cannot for the life of me remember the name of his business!)
Floral: Whole Foods (Morgan Gloss) 
Videographer: David Listor