Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Rachel & Chase - Winter Wedding in the Rain at Lambuth Campus in Tennessee

Earlier this month, Rachel and Chase tied the knot on the best rainy day ever! It literally rained all day long, but that didn't keep Rachel and Chase from smiling constantly throughout the day. Everything turned out just fine and it was a lovely wedding!

I started out with the girls at Elements Salon where Laura Barnett was just getting started on Rachel's hair and makeup.

I left the salon a few minutes earlier than the girls, so I could get a few shots around the chapel and reception hall. I have a few detail shots here too.

Soon it was time for the girls to get in their dresses and start pictures! We were running a little behind, but I was still confident we could get everything done.

Look at that beautiful smile!

Once Rachel was all ready to go, we went down to the chapel for the first look.

They're so sweet! We went straight into portraits and somehow managed to get EVERYTHING done before the wedding. We barely made it before guests started coming in, but we did it.

All the guys had fun socks.

Took advantage of the rain and got some sweet shots of them with their umbrellas.

Little guy was not having it. No amount of silly faces could make him grin!

Everyone got settled while guest filed in, then it was finally time to say "I do!"

Rachel's tattoo says "God will provide" in her late grandfather's handwriting. Such a sweet tribute to his memory! 

I had one more picture I really wanted to do. I didn't want to make the bridal party get out in the rain before the ceremony because I knew those dresses would show wet spots, so we saved this one for after.

I wish I'd been able to light it, but this was a REAL quick grab. I like how it turned out!

Toward the end of the reception, we popped back out for some nighttime rain portraits. I love getting to do stuff like that! Rachel and Chase were totally game for anything, and I had so much fun with them.

The reception was super chill and soon they were heading out surrounded by ribbon streamers!

There's a happy face!

I truly hope they had fun. They sure seemed to! I was blown away by how easy everyone was to work with even under less-than-ideal weather conditions. None of the bridal party complained once (at least not around me..haha!) and everyone was just so joyful all day. I am so glad I got to be a part of it all!

Venue - Lambuth Memorial Chapel and Jack Morris Ballroom
Flowers - Sand's
Catering - Gourmet Your Way
Hair and Makeup - Laura Barnett, Elements Salon