Friday, February 22, 2013


A few posts ago, I mentioned that Rhett and I had gotten a puppy. That's part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much! We spend all of our time hanging out with him, so I haven't been doing blog-worthy things. Even if I were doing blog-worthy things, I probably wouldn't have time to blog about them. Ok, that's an exaggeration...I could probably blog more. But why would I do that when I could be looking at this face?!

UGH, HE KILLS ME! I'm so glad Rhett decided he wanted a beagle, because holy moly are they cute. I have a hard time letting him run around and play because I just want to squeeze him and kiss on him all the time. We named him Chipper after Rhett's baseball hero Chipper Jones, who is a recently retired Atlanta Braves player. If any of you guys are looking at getting a puppy and have questions, feel free to ask. The biggest thing I can tell you is that it's a lot of work!

The potty training part was probably the hardest, but luckily it didn't last long. He quickly realized that he got praised lavishly when he did his thing outside and scolded when we caught him doing it inside. He also caught on to the bell training really quickly! We hung a bell by the door, so he can ring it when he needs to go out. He rings it when he wants to play too, but I don't mind letting him play outside. He LOVES it. There is so much to get into out there :)

I've been working on walking with him. He does pretty well about 70% of the time. Beagles have incredible noses so keeping him from getting distracted by every little thing is challenging. He walks around with his nose to the ground pretty much constantly. It's adorable. I should probably stop gushing about him now though, and just wish you guys a very happy Friday!

I will be shooting a wedding all day tomorrow, then just relaxing Sunday before watching the Oscars. Who are you guys rooting for to get Best Picture? I'm personally rooting for Argo! While I loved Zero Dark Thirty, I just think it is too controversial to win. I guess we'll see on Sunday.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blake + Shae Engagement

Let me introduce you to Blake and Shae! Blake and I went to high school together, he asked if I would be their wedding photographer. Of course I was happy to, so we did the engagement session and now it's almost time for their wedding! It's coming up this weekend, and I'm so excited to be shooting it. It's going to be at a church that I haven't shot in yet, but I drive by it often, and it's gorgeous. I can't wait to share their wedding photos, but for now here are some of my favorites from their engagement session.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Little Birthdays

It's been a while since Kenli's birthday, but I just now went through the pictures and picked some out. This business of owning a puppy takes up a lot of time, y'all! Anyway, I wanted to share them because I love showing little bits of life on here. I just adore this baby, and I really wish I could see her more often! Now that Rhett and I are married, I don't go over there every week, so I rarely see her. It was so great getting to celebrate her birthday with her though.

After singing and blowing out candles, Kenli and her cousin Bray dug in! It was so fun and adorable, and the cake was delicious. It was a fun celebration, and of course it's always great spending time with family.

I hope you're all having a great week so far! I got the day off work today because of a nasty stomach virus going around. The university just completely shut down to try to keep it from spreading before a big weekend coming up. We have tons of high school students coming for the weekend and we don't want them to be exposed! Hopefully the time away will help clear it out. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I don't end up with it. Being sick is the worst.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


It's been a minute, but I realized I never posted anything about our honeymoon at Disney World! I was going through the pictures the other day, and I thought it would be fun to share them. It was hard getting good pictures of the two of us, since I don't want to hand my camera to some random stranger. Have you ever seen European Vacation? Yeah, I'm fairly certain that would happen to me...

I did buy some of the pro photos that I got taken with the Photo Pass though! Totally worth the money just to have a few cute ones of the two of us (especially with the characters).

(photo pass shot) 

Since we left at the crack of dawn, we got there in plenty of time to actually go to the park on the first day. We didn't get park hopper passes though, so we had to choose one park. Of course we chose Magic Kingdom! I feel like a giddy little girl every time I got to Disney (this was my first time at World, but I've been to Land many times). We walked around a bit, then we had to leave for dinner. 

We ate at a little restaurant in the New Orleans Riverside resort. It was connected to our resort by a little river, so we walked there along the river. It was so pretty! And the food was pretty good too. Honestly I wasn't head over heels over most of the meals, but they were definitely all good. I don't know why I was expecting really amazing food....probably the price. 

We went back to Magic Kingdom after dinner, and I convinced Rhett to stand around and wait for the fireworks with me (new husbands are nice that way). I HATE crowds, but I deal with it for this kind of thing. I just love the Disney fireworks! It's the best show...ever. 

Day 2 was Epcot. I've heard great things about Epcot, and I have to say, it didn't disappoint! We were lucky enough to be there during the Food and Wine Festival, so we got to sample some delicious food from the Argentina and Australia carts. One was a beef skewer and the other was a lamb chop. I kind of wish we'd tried some more things, but it gives us another reason to go back!

Upon a recommendation we ate the fish and chips in the London area for lunch. They were delicious! Every meal we had there was like 3 times as much food as I normally eat, so I was stuffed the entire time. Thank goodness there was a lot of walking or I would have been feeling super sluggish.
We ate in Italy for dinner at a place called Via Napoli. It was just meh...the eggplant parm was good, but not for how much it costs. The gelato wasn't near as good as the stuff I can get around here, but I loved the pistachio flavor!

DONALD! I love Donald, even though he doesn't wear pants. 

If my hair looks crazy, it's because I forgot to bring a brush. Long hair without a brush is kind of a bad combination. Animal Kingdom was pretty fun! We didn't have quite as much to do there as some of the other places, but I enjoyed the safari ride we went on.

The Animal Kingdom parade was my favorite! I loved all the floats, and we even got semi-close. 

I loved Hollywood Studios! It had two big rides, MUPPET VISION!!!!!, and my favorite restaurant that we went to. It's so small that we ran out of stuff to do, but it was still really fun.

BEST EVER. I love the Muppets. 

Free falling is the worst. I can't stand it, but I still rode Tower of Terror for Rhett. He loves it. I think I was just holding my breath the entire time.

We ate at the Sci-Fi Theatre for dinner, and it was awesome! You sit in a booth facing a big movie screen playing old Sci-Fi commercials and shorts. It was set up like a 50s drive-in. SO FUN. Definitely a cool one for kids, if you happen to be there with little ones. 

Our last day was super fun. We rode Splash Mountain, got to see Woody and I even ran into a friend of mine, Cristy. We only know each other through Twitter, so it was so cool to see her out and about. She and her partner live down there, so they go eat at the parks often. I am so jealous! I wish I could just go to Disney World whenever. 

We had a seriously great time. I really hope that we get to go there together again, maybe with another couple or something. I feel like it would be fun to go with a group of friends. 

Anyway, that's that! I hope it wasn't too boring :) I am sitting here writing this as our new puppy is taking a nap. YEP! We got a puppy! He's adorable, and his name is Chipper (after Chipper Jones). I will share some photos soon. He moves around so much that it's hard to get good ones, but I will try.