Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Romayne & Timothy - Late Summer Wedding at Blessing Barn in Tennessee

Earlier this month, I had the absolute privilege of documenting the Sikes wedding at Blessing Barn in Humboldt, TN. Romayne and Timothy booked me last year, and we got their engagement session done before I had my baby, so it had been a LONG time since I'd seen them! I just absolutely adored them during their engagement shoot, so I'd really been looking forward to their wedding. 

When I arrived, I headed upstairs to the really beautiful bridal suite and started getting some detail shots. The setup at Blessing Barn is really nice for the ladies!

Romayne wore this lovely necklace, which was the first gift that Timothy ever gave her. Such a sweet detail, and it looked perfect with her dress!

Those Gigi's cupcakes were AMAZING!

After all the detail shots, I got some photos of everyone getting ready. It was a super chill time, just the way I like it. 

Once everyone was ready, we headed outside for the first look between Romayne and Timothy. One bad thing about Blessing Barn was that there was NO shade. I found a tiny bit over by a tree, and that's where we did the first look, but it was dappled light, so not my favorite. I think on a cooler day, it would have been fine, but it was just extremely hot in the sun.

Despite the heat, they had a very sweet first look, then we went into portraits.

We got everything done with plenty of time for the girls to enjoy a late lunch!

Soon the time came for the ceremony, and everyone made their way outside. It was a gorgeous setting for the wedding!

Hooray! I love that moment when they are introduced as husband and wife. 

After toasts and cake, we headed back out for a few more portraits in my favorite light. 

I know those last two look like I added a flare, but I assure you that is all natural beauty! Both the sun flare and the bride <3 p="">

They got the dance floor set up and the rest of the evening was lots of dancing (and mosquito bites...seriously I still have a few)!

It was the end of a perfect day!

Congratulations, you two.

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