Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Christmas Explosion Photo

Sorry if the title was misleading. There's no ACTUAL explosion here, just a metaphorical explosion of Christmas cheer. I talked Rhett into doing a quick picture with me in my studio upstairs. He doesn't really wear his Christmas sweater anymore, but I still adore mine! He tends to like trends until they actually become trends, then he moves on. Of course I had to get Chipper one to match us! Lois at Dragonfly Inspires on Etsy made it special for him, and she did a wonderful job. I haven't let him wear it longer than just a few minutes at a time because I'm afraid he'll eat it. Unfortunately since I was using a remote to take the picture, there was no one behind the camera to get Chipper to look that way. I still got one of me and him where he was doing his cute head tilt though. Isn't he adorable?! The correct answer is, "yes, Kristi, he's beautiful. And you should brush your hair once in a while."

I also grabbed a shot of me and Rhett for our annual Christmas ornament. It actually turned out really cute! Of course we look like the Michelin twins because of our huge sweaters. I promise we haven't gained that much weight over the past year.

If I can talk Rhett into doing this just once a year, I'll consider myself pretty lucky. Anyway, I am getting ready to do my "Things to do in 2014" list so I wanted to go ahead and get my Christmas pictures posted before that. I mean Christmas photos after a New Year post would make NO sense, right? I'll see you guys on the other side!

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Paulie Antiques said...

awww cute little family :)