Friday, December 25, 2015

Daniel & Heather's Winter Wedding in Henderson Tennessee

My last wedding of the year was perhaps the one with the least amount of stress. To say Heather is on top of things would be a huge understatement. This girl had every single detail down, and she had everything running ahead of schedule. Now most weddings are usually pretty smooth (contrary to popular belief), but at least one or two things will cause a little stress or delay. Not at the McNatt wedding! I tip my hat to Heather's planning skills.

When I arrived the ladies were getting ready and listening to music from Wicked, which I know my college friends would have loved. I had to keep myself from singing along to Defying Gravity, because no one really needs to hear that. I took some photos of the girls and guys getting ready and lots of details around Estes Church of Christ.

I loved all the navy blue and the string lights in the fellowship hall. So festive!

Jared was goofing around with his tie. The "do your best" sign in the background just made me laugh.

When Heather was ready, we did as many of the portraits before the ceremony as we could. We got quite a bit done, so we just had a couple of family photos and couple portraits left for after the ceremony. All the family and bridal party were incredibly cooperative, so we had fun!

It was unseasonably warm, so these girls didn't freeze at all. 

After portraits we had a bit of down time before the ceremony. I got to chat with one of my high school soccer coaches a bit because he was doing the lights and sound for them! It's always fun to run into people I know at weddings. 

I don't tear up at weddings often anymore, but this one was just exceedingly sweet.

Portraits were a challenge because of lighting and location. Estes doesn't have a lot of scenery around it that isn't looking very "wintery" right now. You can do a lot with some gorgeous subjects though! Heather and Daniel are very photogenic and they were gracious enough to walk through a little field to get to a spot I felt would look nice. I am pleased with the results, and I was super thankful for some evergreens around the church.

The reception was short and sweet so that they could get on the road. They did the cake cutting and bouquet/garter toss before an exit with traditional rice. I just loved Heather's dress when she left! She has such great style. 

Congrats Daniel and Heather! I wish you all the best. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bri & Andrew's Sunny Fall Engagement at Three Way Park

Yesterday was my very last wedding of the year, which I still can't believe. And now that I've got some time, I wanted to catch up on posting some engagement sessions. I didn't take on any weddings in October because my summer was so full, but I ended up shooting so many engagement sessions that I still got behind on my posting. Let's remedy that. 

These are some of my favorite shots from Bri and Andrew's engagement session at Three Way Park. I love this park, and I noticed that a lot of other photographers do as well! I was walking around the trail with my friend before this session and counted five other photographers having sessions. I guess I picked a popular spot, but luckily when Bri and Andrew got there, we had it mostly to ourselves. The light was absolutely perfect, and I drug them all over the park for an hour. I love the results not only because of the light, but because these two have amazing smiles. I couldn't help but smile from behind the camera as I was photographing them, especially during the moments when I had them just talk to each other.  

We took a few family photos with their son. He could definitely be a baby Gap model! Or toddler Gap if that's a thing.

Congrats, Bri & Andrew! I look forward to being there for your wedding next year.