Saturday, July 8, 2017

Luke & Sarah - Summer Church Wedding in Jackson Tennessee

I was so excited when Luke and Sarah decided to hire me as their wedding photographer! I could just tell right away that they would be fantastic to work with, and that their wedding would be so enjoyable. These two spent their day focused on celebrating with their friends and family and honoring the Lord. It was such a beautiful day!

I started out with the girls. They were mostly ready, but I took a few more shots of them.

I also got a few shots of the guys hanging out downstairs.

After a little bit they did a very low-key first look. Sarah didn't want to make a big production of it, so I just told Luke to wait for her in the sanctuary, and then she walked in with her gifts for him.

She printed out a bunch of Facebook messages from when they first started dating through now. I loved that idea! I'm sure it will be fun for them to pull that out and relive their conversations while they were dating.

We did all the photos before the ceremony, and everything went super smoothly! We just all had a great time together and tried not to melt when we went outside in the heat.

I loved Sarah's tea-length gown! The cut is gorgeous, and she really rocked it.

I don't know why I love this shot of Luke yawning so much. It's just one of those little snippets of the day that is such an accurate portrayal of portrait time. haha! I think the family group photos are some of the most important shots of the day, but it does get a bit monotonous...

No idea what Sarah and her mom were talking about, but her expression is the best.

Soon it was time for the ceremony!

Sarah got emotional during the first hymn. It was such a sweet moment!

The bridal party and family members gathered to pray for each of them during the ceremony.

It was a beautiful service! It was very similar to a regular church service (at least regular for FBC), but with wedding vows thrown in. There were several hymns and David delivered a wonderful message.

Since Sarah didn't grab her flowers before walking back down the aisle, her sister gave them to the best man. That got a good laugh from everyone!

They had temporary tattoos and Lego blocks for people to play with during the reception.

This guestbook idea was so fun! People signed personalized playing cards for them. Love it!

The reception was great! It was in the church fellowship hall and they kept it pretty simple. They mingled and ate barbecue, then they served cake and ice cream. I mean they actually served the cake to their guests. It was a great way for them to thank the guests for being there!

They did the traditional three dances, and Sarah's dad had everyone in the room crying with his speech before the dance.

When it was getting close to time for their send-off, we stepped outside for a few more photos. We didn't go far, I just wanted to get a few with the sunlight behind them. That's always my favorite lighting!

Then they did their bubble exit and headed off into the sunset!

It was just such a perfect day. These two truly enjoyed the time they spent with their friends, family and each other. I'm really going to miss seeing them around Union this coming year! Luckily we attend the same church, so I'm bound to bump into them from time to time :)

Congrats you two, and I wish you all the best!

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