Saturday, August 22, 2015

Daniel & Angie - Backyard Summer Wedding in Linden Tennessee

My last wedding of the very busy (and very amazing) summer season was this sweet backyard wedding in Linden. This was my first time in Linden, and I enjoyed it! It has a quaint little downtown where Angie got ready, and the scenery out in the country is very pretty. You might recognize Daniel and Angie from their engagement session earlier this year.  I kept in touch with Angie throughout the wedding planning process and even got to see some of the things she was planning as she went. I really enjoyed getting to know her in the process. Angie is one of the most real people I have met...that's the best way I can think to say it. She's honest and blunt, and it's incredibly refreshing. If she didn't like a pose or something, she'd tell me! I loved it. I also enjoyed getting to know Daniel a little. Even though he hates having his picture made, he kept a smile on his face and treated me just like a friend. I'm just very thankful to have gotten to work with this great couple!  

We started the day off in downtown Linden. Hair was in one salon, and makeup was in the one across the street. Angie's mom (above) was with us all afternoon, so I was glad to get some shots of her getting ready as well.

How pretty are her curls?! I wish so badly that my hair could curl like that.  

Angie LOVES mascara. She even applied more after the makeup artist finished. ha! She warned her she had an addiction to mascara.

After Angie got in her gorgeous dress with her bridesmaids, we headed down the street to a wooded area for some portraits.

OBSESSED with her bouquet. 

Angie's dad and brother met us to take some family photos. It was nice to get those shots done there! After that, I left the girls and met up with the guys to get portraits of them.

We tried some pictures of Daniel and the kids, but this adorable little flower girl didn't want to leave her Poppa!


While we waited to head over to the ceremony, I snagged these shots of Angie. I try to take these closeup bridals at each wedding, and they always end up being favorites of mine!

Angie's bridesmaids took advantage of the downtime and gave her a note from her mom. I think she also had a letter from her mother-in-law, but I can't remember for sure.  

After this, I headed over to the church where the ceremony would be. I got a few shots of details and of guests arriving.

Daniel's brother Alec played many roles in the wedding. Not only is he the brother, but he was the best man and the officiant. I absolutely love that he was able to perform the ceremony. That's something special that really added to the day. They said a prayer before the ceremony, and that's Angie's dad in the foreground. This was the point in the day when I got a little choked up.

How cute are these kids?! So much awwwwww 

Daniel's first glimpse of his bride 

My assistant, Lindsey Fisher, got this shot from the back of the sanctuary. She went above and beyond for me at this wedding! She's an up-and-coming photographer in Memphis, and I loved having her assist me. I'll post a few more of her shots later on. Keep an eye on her!

I love the big smile on Angie's dad's face.  

This is another of Lindsey's shots. It's nice having this perspective from behind while I'm up front!

And they're married!! One of the things Angie asked me about before the wedding was the backdrop. I hope I steered her right! I think it turned out beautifully. And it really adds a lot of interest to the ceremony photos. I prefer it to the plain wall, for sure.

Yessssssss. Thumbs up!

No idea what they were laughing about, and even though Hailey is the only one in focus, I love this shot.

Another shot Lindsey captured while I was catching shots of Angie and Daniel. So cute! After everyone headed out of the church, we took some large family group shots, and then headed over to Daniel's family home, where the reception was set up. We used this barn across the street for some more portraits. 

After portraits, Daniel and Angie grabbed some food to eat, but Daniel had a surprise up his sleeve for his bride. 

He got out his guitar and sang "Fall Into Me" by Brantley Gilbert to Angie. It was such a sweet moment, and he did a great job! I mean, I'm no music expert, but I thought he sounded great. I'm sure you can tell, but Daniel is crazy about Angie. They make such a perfect couple!

Lindsey got this adorable shot from behind Angie and Daniel while they ate. I loved the vintage love seat they sat in.

I always love catching little photo bombers! I also love a good sunset. I was sort of wishing we could take more portraits, but I felt like Daniel had endured enough. haha!

Angie's dad had to leave right after the ceremony because of his health, so her brother surprised her with a dance. This was another sweet moment that made me choke up a little! After the brother/sister dance, Angie danced with Daniel, then Daniel and his mom had a dance.

After some mingling with family and friends, they were ready to head out! The sparklers were the really smoky kind, so they don't photograph as well, but I LOVE this last shot that Lindsey took. It's probably one of my favorite shots of the whole day, I'm just jealous that I didn't take it!

And away they went! Daniel and Angie had a two week honeymoon in Florida ahead of them, and as far as I can tell from Facebook, it's been fun. It was truly an honor getting to document this day for them, and I can't imagine a better wedding to wrap up my summer season.

Congrats, you two, and I wish you all the best! I really hope that our paths cross again in the future.