Thursday, March 26, 2020

Katie and Cody - Early Spring Church Wedding

Right before everything sort of shut down because of Covid-19 this spring, I had the privilege of photographing the Hardin wedding at Cornerstone in Jackson, TN. The bride's mother and I used to work together, and I was so excited when they asked me to shoot the wedding! I didn't know Katie super well, but I knew her and her family well enough to know it would be a wonderful day full of love. 

When I arrived, I got a few detail photos and some shots of everyone getting ready for the day.

Just one of Katie's dresses! She changed into a dress without a train for the reception. They were both lovely!

How gorgeous are her rings?!

Super sweet gift for Katie's mother, Mary. I love seeing parents open gifts on the wedding day!

After everyone was ready, it was time for the first look!

We did all of our portraits indoors because it was rainy outside. It didn't actually pour rain until the end of the day (unfortunately when I'd hoped to get more photos outside with some blooming trees), but the weather was just icky so we opted to stay indoors. 

I could have photoshopped myself out of this one, but...haha! Sneaky photobomb.

We had a good amount of time after portraits were done for everyone to have a leisurely lunch before the ceremony. 

Katie gave her dad his gift, then had a prayer with her bridesmaids.

Then it was time to get married!

It was such a sweet ceremony!! After doing the family photos, we headed to the reception and straight into the dances. 

They cut the cake and enjoyed time mingling with friends and family. It was such a lovely, laid back reception! The draping inside really transformed the church gym into the perfect setting.

For their grand exit, guests lined the sidewalk with ribbons to wave as they made their way out. 

And with that, they headed off on their honeymoon! 

It was such a perfect day, and it ended up being the perfect distraction from everything going on in the world. Since this day, things have really gotten more serious and everyone has been sticking close to home. As an introvert and self-proclaimed home-body, it's not bothering me too much. The only inconvenience to me so far is having to cancel my Disney trip! I am hoping everything will get back to normal before my summer weddings, but in the mean time I'll just relive this lovely day over and over. 

Congrats, Katie and Cody!