Friday, July 31, 2015

Rob & Cari's Quintessentially Jackson Tennessee Wedding

"This wedding is so Jackson" is a quote I heard early in the day from one of the bridesmaids, and many times throughout the day, this statement was affirmed. Neither Cari or Rob are actually from Jackson, but they have come here and made this place their home. And Jackson is better for it! The wedding took place downtown at the Farmer's Market, and the girls got ready at ComeUnity Cafe, also downtown. The flowers were gathered by Cari's Master Gardeners group friends, Cari's dress was handmade by a lady from Rose Creek Village nearby, and the food was made by the chefs at ComeUnity. Everything in the wedding was so deeply personal to Rob and Cari, and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Some of the details from the day, including the journal from which Rob and Cari read their vows. Through their relationship they've written to each other in this journal. I couldn't help but get a little misty during their vows.

Cari's dress was absolutely perfect! 

Hammered bands from Cred Jewelry

These details came later in the day, but I like them all to be together in the post :) Cari's gorgeous bouquet, with flowers gathered from around the area. It originally had a magnolia in it, but it never opened up. I like it both ways! The cake looked amazing! I can only imagine it tasted as good as it looked...I was too busy dancing to know.

Cari had an entourage of stylists 

Rob's twin brother is getting married soon to the lovely lady on the left, Hilary, and on the right is Rob's sister. Family, family everywhere! It was wonderful.

All the sweetness brought tears, but Becca to the rescue! She dabbed them right off.  

Cari wore a locket with a photo of her grandfather. I think it may have been his locket? Either way, it was special. I always encourage people to include sentimental things in their wedding. You will never regret it!

Really doing it! 

We took some bridal portraits by the church around the corner and in the garden that Cari tends daily for ComeUnity Cafe. Then it was time to go get Rob for the first look!

My goodness, they are cute! It was not hard to get sweet poses and expressions out of them. I think I could have taken their portraits for hours and not gotten bored. After taking some shots downtown, we headed to the Lambuth campus ( Jackson) for more alone and then some with the bridal party.

I wasn't sure it would work, but I shouted "group hug!" and this is what happened. I kind of love it...Cari, not so much. Sorry, Cari! Your friends are just so loving <3 nbsp="" p="">

We headed back over to the cafe to rest, and we ended up pushing family photos to after the ceremony, which gave them plenty of time to cool off before the ceremony started. Did I mention it was like 97 degrees this day? I get into a groove and don't notice much, but I think everyone was happy for a break. The bridal party were amazing and I never heard them complain at all.

After a few moments at ComeUnity Cafe and some sweet moments with Cari's dad, I headed over to the Amp to photograph guests arriving and get ready for the ceremony.

Rob's little sister was one of the flower girls. He got her over for a quick hug at the end of the aisle.  

This was after pastor Russ realized he'd forgotten to tell everyone to be seated (it happens all the time, don't sweat it, Russ). It was pretty funny!

Rob and Cari read their vows then took Communion together.  And then...

So much joy! I love it. Cari just overflows with happiness, and it affects those around her. She's got to be one of the most joyful people I know!

Lots and lots of love and happy tears following the ceremony.  

A few portraits by the Amp before walking over to the market for the reception. 

There was a giant Jenga game for the kids, as well as cornhole.  

There's no telling how many pages these two filled in the guestbook. They are hilarious! 

After the adorable dances with parents and grandmother, it was time to PARTAY. I had a hard time narrowing these down.

I am not usually in the middle of the dancing like this because I feel weird being all up in the business, you know? It was different here because I know these people...they are my people. My Jackson people. I was right up in there jumping around and trying not to lose my phone. It was truly the most fun I've ever had at a wedding. It was also probably the hottest I've ever been. You could walk from the tables to the dance area and feel a 30 degree increase! It was a lot of body heat. WORTH IT. Hope you guys enjoyed the party pictures. After a few great songs, it was time for the happy couple to depart...

I should note that Cari is also a photographer, so I feel like throughout the day, she was mindful of how things would look on camera! It made my job so much smoother. 

Many congratulations, Rob and Cari!! I loved spending this day with you, and I hope these photos are everything you dreamed of and more.