Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Michael & Bethani's Early Spring Dutch Garden Center Wedding in Tennessee

Earlier this year, I got a message from Bethani on Facebook about doing her wedding...in three days. Her photographer had a family emergency and she needed a replacement ASAP. Luckily I was able to postpone another shoot I had planned and step in to photograph Michael & Bethani's big day. Boy was I glad they found me! I ended up having such an awesome day documenting their love story.

We started out at Kyra's Salon in Jackson, where Bethani's bridesmaid Brittany was doing hair and makeup. After a little time there, I went back home for a bit. A little later I met back up with everyone at the Conservatory at Dutch Garden Center in Humboldt. This was my first time shooting at this venue, and I was so impressed! I love all the gorgeous diffused light inside, which is great because it was a little too chilly to do much outdoors. Bethani used red roses, which went perfectly with all the greenery at the venue.

Exchanging letters or meaningful gifts is one of my favorite things to encourage couples to do. Call me sappy, but I always tear up during these sweet moments.

It's been several months, but this remains one of my favorite weddings to date. It was relaxed but structured, sweet and fun. I enjoyed getting to know Michael & Bethani throughout the day, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness! They certainly got off to a great start with such a love-filled wedding day.

Hair and Makeup: Brittany Corlew Mayall with Kyra's Full Service Salon
Ceremony/Reception location: The Conservatory at Dutch Garden Center
Floral: Flowers by Jan (Gleason, TN)
Photo Booth: The Snap Shack

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Practice Bridal Shoot with Area Photographers, Woody & Pearl Jackson Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Oh hey, guys! Remember me? I had some downtime on this lovely (though quite hot) Sunday afternoon, so I thought I'd blog these photos from a practice shoot. I am involved with a group of local portrait and wedding photographers on Facebook. We encourage and help each other as much as we can, and it's kind of the best thing ever. I LOVE the folks in that group, and it is so much fun when we can get together and just hang out and do what we enjoy. One of the photographers, Tracye, organized a little practice shoot at her church with one of her former brides. It was a way for us to work with some lighting setups as well as find interesting places to do a portrait in a church with limited lighting. 

I tend to use natural light or a single flash unit, but I broke out the Alien Bee with my huge Octobox for some of these. It was fun! It's probably still a little much for me to set up at a wedding (as if I don't have enough things to think about already), but I want to incorporate lights into bridal shoots more often for sure!

LOVE the drama in this one 

So far this has been the only photoshoot that the group has done together, but we do try to get together for meals and "workshop" type learning sessions when we can. We also end up shooting weddings together a lot, which is fantastic! Can you tell I love my fellow photographers? I look forward to many more years shooting in West Tennessee alongside them.