Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How LOST makes me feel

It seems that everyone I know is absolutely obsessed with LOST. (why do they capitalize that? One of the many mysteries) I never really caught on, so I've always felt pretty left out.

Etsy has some great items that I can relate to. These things describe how I've felt during the whole LOST craze.

2. dote

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Heather & Jesse

During my sophomore year of college, I was given a wonderful opportunity that would provide me some very valuable experience in the career field that I was/am interested in. My photography professor hooked me up with this awesome girl named Heather. She had graduated from Union with a graphic design emphasis, but over the course of a few years had turned her attention to photography. At this point she was shooting weddings and portraits in Jackson. We met up and I knew it was going to work out. We got along great right off the bat, and I started interning with her. She took me to several weddings with her and now, I'm a sort of contracted wedding photographer with the company that she started, Cedarway. I've gotten great experience and a great friend out of the whole situation.

All that to say, I got to turn the camera around on Heather! She got married 7 (?) years ago, but she didn't have a whole lot of photos of her and her husband together. So she had me take photos of them with her in her wedding dress! I've never gotten to do this type of shoot before, but it was VERY fun! The sun was super bright, so it was challenging. I'm happy with the pictures and I had a great time out at Pinson Mounds with them. Hooray!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I've been taking photos for this great seller on Etsy. Her name is Lenesha and her shop is called MableMae. Here are some images that I took of her work: