Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Morning Woes

Let me tell you a little about my morning. My alarm went off at 6:50, causing much grumbling and complaining. As usual I hit snooze and flopped back onto the least I THOUGHT I hit snooze. I woke back up at 7:45 and realized that I must have hit "dismiss" rather than snooze. Awesome, huh?

Wait, I'm not done.

So I just decided I would go to work an hour late and not take my lunch break. I am getting in the car and...wait what? My car is locked?! It's in the's never locked. Oh...the keys are in there...awesome. *deep breath* I remember that when I bought the car, it came with an awesome warranty with free roadside assistance. *beep boop beep boop* (dialing) "Hello, Mitsubishi? Can you come rescue me?" "Why certainly, Mrs. McMurry! I'm Adam, the nicest person ever,  and I will help you out!"

Now a locksmith is on his way and I will turn my day around. I'm so glad I decided to buy a new car instead of finding a used one. I may be paying on it for a few years, but the warranty that came with it is enough to make it worth it. I also have had nothing but good experience dealing with Mitsubishi. The people I've talked to with them have been nice, genuine, and helpful...all qualities that are rare these days!

This post is a bit different from my normal posts with lots of pictures :) But it's good to mix it up, right? You guys like it when I throw you a curve ball?


Lynn said...

The worst feeling is when you look in the car and the keys are right there! OOF! thank god for roadside assistance programs

alicia said...

the dismiss button is NOT your friend. that's happened to me SO MANY times. no one should have to attempt to function at 6:30am.

i'm glad adam saved you! :D

Piggy said...

What a bummer! I snooze all the time, so much so, I now set 2 "alarms" on my phone 30 mins apart so that I will wake up.
Re Car : Lucky Adam to the rescue!

- Alice

cb said...

oh what a rough morning. you should just follow our example....our vw has not locks on the door so there is never a fear of getting locked out!!!!!!!! hahahaha really not the best solution....i hope the rest of your day gets better my sweet!

Bre said...

I am so sorry you had such a bum start to your day. I am glad that you found Adam to rescue you!