Sunday, November 27, 2011

District Devin: Second Edition

Hey all! Devin from OooohShiny here again. I hope everyone enjoyed their Turkey Day (or, for those of you not in the US - Thursday).

I’ve never ever ever gone out at the crack of dawn for Black Friday sales. I’d much rather do my shopping on my couch in my pajamas where I don’t have to worry about getting trampled. And oh boy - did I do some shopping. I think I heard my PayPal balance sobbing earlier.

I’ve been trying to do as much shopping as possible on Etsy. Today I’m going to share with you some of the fantastic presents I’ve gotten for others as well as some of the gifts I’m hoping to receive myself.

1 - A Little Bird Told Me Bird Mobile from Jahje at BabyJivesCo: For the baby niece.
My niece’s room is an animal-jungle type theme and I’m so excited to see this bird hanging from the ceiling. It’s obvious how much work Jahje puts into these. I kind of want to keep it for myself.

2 - Skeletor: Cuddly Plush Toy from Jennifer at HandmadeStuffs: For the geeky boyfriend.
We met Jennifer at a comic convention earlier this year and Nick stopped at her booth approximately 18 times to look at her plush dolls. They’re large and in charge and I’m not quite sure where Skeletor is going to live in our apartment, but he’s pretty awesome nonetheless.

3 - Zodiac Embroidery Kit from Jessica at MiniatureRhino: For the best friend.
I showed this to my best friend right after I started embroidering and she loved the idea. So I’m making her one. And then I’ll probably get another to make one for myself. I love the idea of kits - all you need in one package.

4 - Whoville Red Dot Christmas Dog Collar from r.e. at restowe: For the puppy.
I don’t (and won’t) have a child, but my pets are close enough. This collar is awesome. There’s magnets involved so you don’t have to worry about that flap of extra collar that sticks out. Plus, they’re super cute.

All for me.
1 - 2012 Desk Calendar from Jessica at JessicaDoyle
I bought one of Jessica’s desk calendars last year and it greets me every day at the office. It’s so bright and cheery! All of Jessica’s artwork is amazing, so the calendar is like getting 12 mini prints for a great price.

2 - Heather Eco Resin Transparent Ring from Jessica & Gwynne at RosellaResin
Yes, I make jewelry, but I don’t work with resin, and this ring is something that I could only dream of making myself. I love how delicate the heather is inside the chunky ring. I pretty much want everything in this shop.

3 - Pisces Rising Jersey Scarf from Jody & Karl at blackbirdtees
For some reason, I’ve become obsessed with wearing scarves. And while I don’t actually believe in astrology, I’ve always identified closely with my sign. And I think constellations are very cool.

4 - Pisces Brass Constellation Cuff Bracelet from Julie at JulieNolan
Regarding the fact that it’s a piece of jewelry: see #2. But sub “resin” for “metal” and “ring” for “bracelet.”
Regarding the constellation: see #3.
And I really love big chunky bracelets.

I hope these gave you some ideas for the loved ones on your list (or yourself, if you subscribe to the “one for you, one for me” gift-buying thought). You can go back to your leftover pumpkin pie now!



Thanks for the great ideas, Devin! I'm certainly more excited about Christmas shopping now :)

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