Thursday, November 10, 2011

Garner Pies

Well, folks, yesterday was my birthday. I haven't handled my last two birthdays very gracefully for some reason. I don't enjoy getting older. I think I'm just in this weird middle phase of my life where I'm out of college, but I haven't really moved on to the next thing yet. Don't get me wrong, I'm perfectly content where I am...I have great friends and family, and this town is...ok.

Anyway, I was worried that I might be a little bit lethargic when my birthday came around, so I planned ahead and ordered some pies from a local baking magician named Lisa. She makes a lot of baked goods for our campus coffee spot (Barefoots), and she sells pies that can be delivered. Come Wednesday morning Lisa delivered my pies to Barefoots and I trotted over to pick them up.

adorable cards (and a little bit of coffee that I spilled on the box)

 gingersnap pumpkin and cinnamon crumble apple

I was right, they really made me feel better about life :) Both were extremely delicious! As you can see, the pumpkin pie has a layer of....wait for it...cheesecake(!) at the bottom. My coworkers were grateful that I shared my birthday gift to myself with them. We're still eating on them today! Of course once they're gone, I'll be back to my diet.

Locals: If you need a dessert for a potluck or family gathering, Lisa Garner is your gal! Check out her site if you want to order.


cb said...

Oh happiest of birthdays kristi!!!!! That pumpkin pie looks amazing! I want to eat it! And love the cream rose on top! Enjoy the rest!

alicia said...

happy birthday!!! do i get some pie because my birthday is tomorrow? :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I have felt the same way for my last couple of birthdays. Funnily enough I have decided that for my b'day on the 22nd that cheesecake will make it all better! I plan to make a rainbow cheesecake to share with all my loved ones

two birds said...

happy belated birthday!!!! i hope you are feeling a little more festive today! that apple crumble pie looks so delicious!!

KristiMcMurry said...

Thanks, ladies! I am feeling better now :) And alicia, you eat all the pie you can handle today! haha

Margaret said...

oh my goodness don't tempt me! :)

Garner said...

ha-- i decided to google "garner pies" in an image search and your photo from this post is the first one! i'd never even realized you'd posted about them on here. thanks for your kind words-- next time mention it's your birthday! i totally would ahve added a little something extra special (i ♥ birthdays!)