Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bag O' Frump

camisole- Express
sweater- Kenar (from Marshall's)
pants- Target
shoes- Franco Sarto (from Marshall's)
locket- antique
ring- Rose Corbett (friend from college)
hair bow- Kaelah

For the last year-ish, I've been really drawn to baggy tops. Of course if I'm sporting a sack on top, I need a little definition on the bottom, so I like to wear slim pants. I have been told that this look is "frumpy" which I resent (I'm looking at you, boyfriend). I don't think it's frumpy, but hey...if it is, I'll own it. This particular sweater is one that I picked up at Marshall's one day. It's super fragile, so of course I've already snagged it a couple of times. Luckily, I'm not one to freak out about a little snag, so it's all good. Other than it being easily destroyed, I love this sweater! The color is great, it's relatively comfortable and warm to be so sheer, and it's got some cute little pockets on the front.

I wore one of my favorite hair accessories to compliment my sweater: a bow clip from Kaelah! I bought it when I went to visit her Honeybean mobile boutique at the Nashville Flea Market. I loved the fabric, and it fit so perfectly into my wardrobe that I had to get it. I am not very girly at all, but sometimes I like to throw a bow in there just to mix things up. I am pretty sure they're going to be offering some things online soon, so I'll try to remember to post a link when they do. I'd love for you guys to be able to get a bow clip like this one...it's so cute and easy to wear!


cb said...

i think you look great! boys don't know anything! and i love your bow in your hair too!! the last picture is so fantastic! the red is so soft, i want to be in that picture!

Nicole Terry Merrell said...

Your hair is so pretty and long! I just cut all mine off, and I miss it a lot. Love the baggy top with slim jeans look.

Diana Mieczan said...

I adore your sweater and your hair is so beautiful:) Have a great afternoon, sweetie. xo


oh, wow. autumn is in full force in tennessee. oh, how i miss it!