Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the Atmosphere

A few days ago, I posted some behind the scenes action from a collaborative photo shoot with Abby Ott. I also posted a link to my final images, but I wanted to put together some extra images just for my blog readers.

First, here are my top picks (the ones I linked to previously)...

Laura Ferkaluk was my spirited little model. I had never met her before the shoot, so we sort of got to know each other in the process. She did such an awesome job posing for me, and she followed direction extremely well. I seriously can't express how thankful I am that she was willing to model for me! It was really last minute and she gave up a lot of her time for this. Thanks so much, Laura!

The atmosphere at this photo shoot was a combination of bustling excitement and quiet dreaminess. Since the house is from the 1800s, it feels like you've stepped into another era. I am head over heels for the floor to ceiling windows and mile high ceilings. All of those windows made for some stellar lighting conditions! The excitement came from all of these people working together to make this shoot happen. My crew was just me and Laura, but we also had Margaret shooting some video (which you saw in the BTS post) , TJ shooting film with Abby, Maria assisting, Ming doing makeup, and Hilary modeling for Abby. It was HOT in there with all those people, but we hardly noticed because we were having so much fun!

Now here are some of my other favorites that I ended up cutting. I hope you enjoy these little blog exclusives! :)

It was REALLY hard to cut some of I'm glad I decided to share them somewhere. If you're wondering about the house, you can find out a little more on this blog about the renovation process.

Also, check out the photos that Abby took of Hilary here. (and you should listen to that Karen Elson song, because she's pretty much the greatest)

Thanks for looking! Abby and I are shooting again this weekend. She's doing film again, and I'm going to do the video this time! I'm so beyond excited...


cb said...

WOW kristi, these are really really impressive! i love them all so much! i mean the one of her on the chair is incrediable! you are AWESOME lady!


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TheLovelyHunter said...

great shots--very pretty!

Bre said...

These photos are amazing! I mean amazing, stunning, gorgeous!!!