Friday, May 13, 2011


I want to share one of my FAVORITE pieces of clothing. It's a sweater dress that I got at Express back when I worked there. I'm not really sure why I like it so much because it's actually pretty plain. I think I just like the color a lot, because it really stands out in my pink-less wardrobe. At any rate, I like it. I figured I would wear it with boots this time around because it's barely still appropriate to wear them. Spring was basically skipped this year and it's already feeling like summer.

How do you guys like my office? I don't think I've posted any pictures since I moved into the new space. It's actually quite cozy, and having two huge windows is the best part. I don't feel sleepy near as much since I left my windowless cave office.

sweater dress, ring: Express
leggings: don't remember
boots: Rack Room
watch: Target 
 Those cute prints you see hanging below my line of Polaroid notes are from Printed Pretties on Etsy. I love them because together they represent two of my favorite things: photography and tea. They also match my office color palette pretty well...which is, of course, very important. One of these days I'll take some more pictures in my office so you can see the whole space a little better. I'm actually quite proud of how inviting it is. Lots of muted greens and blues to keep me calm on "those days." You know we all have them...the days when you want to thump everybody upside the head. It's nice to have a calming office on those days.

*Lets please not talk about my hair. We all have off days. (maybe I have off days more than the average person)


a little black cloud in a dress said...

I love this outfit! That color looks really good on you.

cb said...

i love that color on you! you know i think own about 2 things that are pink! it is sooo nice to have natural light! glad your new office is working for you, i'm so glad i moved my desk into better light too!