Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a lot of lately part two

The other day I posted some pictures I'd taken for some Etsy shops. Well now I want to show you the pictures I've taken for my potter friends. They each have totally unique styles, and I love all of them! First is Ally. She had her senior art show this semester and it turned out great. She does triathlons during her time off, so she used that part of her life to inspire her show.

She projected a heart rate monitor loop onto the wall of plates. Interesting, right?! Next is Kelsey. She also had her senior show. Her work is so exuberant and fun, just like Kelsey's personality! I love all of her colors and decoration.

 My mom now owns that little jar on the right. I've got to get her some stuff to match now! 

It was like a color explosion in there! Next is Paige. She has already graduated, but she's working at the university and gets free studio space. I took some photos for her just so she'd have some documentation.

So that's what I've been doing! Pottery is kind of a pain to shoot, but I'm happy with the way these turned out. I'm hoping Paige will do an article for Ceramics Monthly and use one of my pictures. That would make my day! I'm also hoping that Paige will get some stuff together to start an Etsy shop soon. But she doesn't seem to need to right now! Whenever she gets things made, she sells it all pretty quickly. All three of these talented ladies are quite popular around these parts :)

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cb said...

they turned out fantastic! i love her use of color especially the teal and red pieces!