Monday, May 16, 2011


I definitely don't fancy myself a procrastinator, but occasionally I fall short of being a hard worker. I have a lot of work that needs to get done outside of my full-time job, and the weekend is the perfect time to do it! I got a moderate amount done this weekend, but I really just ended up shopping when I should have been working.

This is Paige. (You say: "Hi, Paige!") We decided to walk down the street a bit to an estate sale. We just happened to see the sign in the yard, and since neither of us had been to an estate sale since elementary school, we decided to go. See those cars? We were only halfway there and the cars were already lining the street. Those that know me well know that I am not a crowd person (with the exception of MLB games), so I automatically decided this would be a miserable experience.

This estate sale started outside, which essentially meant that they put all the crap barely good enough for a yard sale in the garage for everyone before opening the inside up. I did get a roll of Reynolds Wrap for 50 cents. Score? Apparently you have to get a number to get inside first. Since neither of us are estate-sale-savvy, we weren't part of the chosen few (actually 75 to be exact). We went back once the numbered people had gone through, and there seemed to be plenty of things left.


I got a sewing machine! It's a Kenmore machine, and it's ridiculously cute (in my opinion). I don't have a stinking clue how to use it, but owning one is the first step, right? I wish I could get someone to come over and tutor me, but I may have to settle for finding a manual for it online. I also picked up a shirt (outfit with it tomorrow), necklace, shoes, a bowl, a bag, and a couple of scarves. All in all I'd say it was pretty successful, despite the crowd.

Later that day I got distracted by Goodwill when I was on the way to visit with my family. I was passing it and thought, "oh I'll just pop in for a second." I wasn't in there for an insane amount of time, but it was certainly longer than a second. I picked up a bag that can only be described wait, there are no words. I saw one almost just like it on Amanda's blog a long time ago and fell in love! I was so bummed that she had found it, and I hadn't. But lo and behold, I found it's fraternal twin! I also got a dessert plate with a fun pattern.

And finally, here is my loot from the antique store. I dropped by after lunch on Sunday to look at the attached home store because I need to find some laminate flooring. Of course I HAD to peruse the entire antique store, which actually did take me an insane amount of time. I got two milk glass pieces, a book of Edgar Allan Poe stories, and a gorgeous Polaroid model 150.

Whew, that was a lot! I hadn't shopped for a while, and I sort of went crazy this weekend. No more buying until June! Ok, that won't happen, but I can pretend. I actually do need to save for the new couch I'm planning to get.

I hope the rest of you had a wonderful weekend as well!


cb said...

yay a sewing machine! that is so awesome!!! what is your first project going to be? oh and the bag yes, so awesome! remember all work and no gotta have fun during the weekends and glad you did some thrifting!


jozen said...

SO jealous of your polaroid!

ps. and yes... owning a sewing machine is the first step! congrats!!!