Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shelby & Zack - Chilly Fall Wedding at Snider Farms in Jackson Tennessee

In mid-November, I had the wonderful opportunity to photography Shelby and Zack's wedding at Snider Farms. It ended up being a pretty chilly day, which was surprising given how warm it had been. It took forever to get cold this year! With the late fall heat and lack of rain, the trees didn't turn as quickly as normal either, so we still had lots of green. Despite the weird 2016 weather, it was a pretty perfect day!

I arrived late morning and started with some detail shots

My second shooter, Sue White, got this gorgeous photo of the invitation. She's great with detail shots!

I also got some shots of the girls getting glammed up.

Their matching plaid tops were adorable!

Everyone got ready right on time, so we headed out to do some portraits. Shelby and Zack did not do a "first look" so we only did wedding party and some family before the ceremony. We had plenty of time, so we got lots of great shots!

The color of these dresses is so beautiful! I love this for fall/winter, and the flowers coordinated perfectly. Everything was so on point!

Those shoes though! Love.

As much as I love the gold high heels, these are more my style...gotta love a girl in Vans!

This little sweetie was so cute! I caught the shot on the left at the same time Sue got the close up on the right. She had her own paparazzi!

Before we knew it, it was time for the ceremony. Time to Seal the deal!

I love having a second shooter to stay with the bride before she walks down the aisle. Sue caught this sweet moment between Shelby and her dad.

Told you it was chilly!

It was such a beautiful ceremony. I loved their vows and the sweet little moment after their kiss. So happy for them! As soon as the ceremony ended, we walked straight out to the pond to do some pictures. We didn't have a ton of sunlight left, so we shot them all over there.

We got a few more group shots and then family photos before heading in for the reception. I'd been smelling the food all day, and I was excited to eat some of it! Everything was absolutely delicious.

They had their adorable first dances, then they enjoyed some of that good food. In no time, they were back up to cut the cake.

Another benefit of a second shooter, we can get two angles! That's hers in color and mine in black and white. Covering all the sides! I'm sure they felt like they had a whole posse of media between us and the videographer.

It was such a fun reception, full of dancing and lots of laughter. I loved getting to be there and document everyone just having a great time. Shelby and Zack are both pretty quiet and reserved, but you could just feel their joy coming through, and hopefully these photos convey that joy. I am so glad they chose me to be a part of their day!

Bonus shot: We tried getting a portrait of Shelby in front of the fountain. It's a little fuzzy, but pretty none-the-less. She's a beautiful soul!

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