Monday, December 19, 2016

Kathleen & Michael - Elegant Winter Wedding in Jackson Tennessee, Aeneas Building

My first wedding in December this year was Kathleen & Michael's gorgeous wedding at Malesus Baptist Church with a reception at the Aeneas Building. I did a bridal session for Kathleen back in October, and I was so excited to be photographing her wedding! She is so kind and pleasant to be around, and the entire day was just a lot of fun. She and Michael are so head-over-heels for each other, and it shows. They've been together for quite a while and had been anticipating this day for a long time! It was so sweet to see them soaking in every moment. Here is their wedding day story...

Everyone arrived at the Aeneas building with hair and makeup done, and they all got dressed downstairs. I got a few shots of Kathleen getting in her dress and veil, then it was time for the first look. We decided to do all the portraits here before the ceremony because the church doesn't have much around it on the outside. We did make use of the beautiful sanctuary for family shots though!

They wrote letters to each other. I love when couples do this!

Their first look was adorable, and they gave each other gifts. Michael gave Kathleen a lovely bracelet to wear, and she gave him some Ray-bans. They spent a little time just talking and laughing together and checking out all the details around the Aeneas building. After a few minutes, we started with portraits. We did bridal party photos there as well.

After we finished up those portraits, we headed to the church for some family photos. I also grabbed some detail shots around the Aeneas Building.

My second shooter, Cody Cunningham, got some great shots of the decor as well. These are his below.

This was my first time at Malesus, and it's a really pretty church. I'd love to see it on a sunny day with the light coming in the windows.

The church had poinsettias and greenery up, so it was beautiful! We got all the family photos done up there on the stage, and in no time the ceremony was beginning.

I love this shot that Cody got from the balcony. Can't you just tell how happy they are?! So sweet.

The ceremony was beautiful! Since we got all of the pictures done beforehand, it was off to the reception.

They were introduced and went straight into their first dance. After dances, they mingled and danced with friends for a little bit. Soon it was time to cut that gorgeous cake!

Michael was so eager to taste the cake, he just took a bite instead of doing the traditional feeding each other. I thought it was funny, and truthfully, I'd probably do the same thing!

Doing some Vols chanting before cutting the grooms cake.

This was while everyone from their high school was getting together for a picture. There's so much going on here, and I love it.

The reception was a lot of fun! Often, couples will leave early because people have begun to trickle out and they want to have enough people there for the exit. Michael and Kathleen probably could have stayed even longer than they planned because everyone was just having such a great time. It's always nice to see so many people out on the dance floor!

Overall this was a pretty spectacular wedding day. All three of the weddings I shot this month (this was the first of the three) were so amazing. Kathleen and Michael got the ball rolling on three perfect wedding days, and I seriously have to pinch myself sometimes when I realize how sweet my job is. I get to meet all these wonderful people AND capture these special memories for them. It's kind of a perfect gig, really.

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