Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Caroline and Gene - Englewood Baptist Church Wedding in Jackson Tennessee

Caroline and Gene had their wedding this past Saturday at Englewood Baptist Church. The ceremony was in the chapel, which I love! The stone around the side is so pretty, and there's a decent amount of light, making it quite a bit nicer to shoot in than other churches. They opted for a first look, so we did that right outside the chapel, and it was adorable. You can just tell these two are nuts about each other. Gene looks at Caroline like she's a goddess, which of course she totally deserves! She was a stunning bride.


I had my assistant, Kortney, grab some shots of the girls while I was in the sanctuary waiting for the ceremony to start. I love this shot! Such a great moment between friends (and family)

This was the first time I've seen balloons for a sendoff. It was neat! I wish the strings had been shorter to make photos easier, but it looked really cool in person, so that's what matters. I think all the kids enjoyed getting to let them go and watch them float away!

And away they go! It was a day full of smiles and laughter, and I am so happy for this sweet couple. Something Gene's grandfather said to me while I chatted with him before the reception really stuck with me. He told me he'd lost his wife of over 50 years several years ago (forgive me, I can't remember when he said she'd passed). He said he was so blessed to have a wife that treated him with respect and love, and that they have passed that down to their children. He said it makes him happy to see his sons and daughters treat their spouses with respect, and he can see that Gene does with Caroline. It was just a good reminder of how important respect is in a relationship.

And that was my marriage lesson for the day! Have you got Aretha Franklin in your head now? Fun fact: "Respect" was originally an Otis Redding tune.

Photography: Woody & Pearl Photography
Venue: Englewood Baptist Church (Cookie Mallard, coordinator)
Floral: Benny Bowles
Catering: Charleston Catering
Cake: The Village Baker

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