Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Build Your Wishlist

Hello friends and wonderful followers! Thank you to everyone for the sweet sympathy for my family after my last post. It means a lot to me that you guys care.

Today I want to talk about wishlists. If you're like me, your family member/friend/partner is always asking what you want for Christmas. I can almost never think of something off the top of my head, because at this point in life I just buy things I want. I don't mean I have an unlimited supply of money, but if something comes up that I need/want and is within budget, I get it.

I hope I'm not the only one that can never come up with anything. I'm usually thinking of things I need for the house, like a blender or a vacuum, but I feel like most people want to give something more fun and personal. So my solution to this is to create a wishlist on Etsy and Pinterest to keep up with things I like throughout the year. I usually include things that I would love to have, but can't justify buying for myself. Luckily, this is the perfect type of thing to ask for! (Confession: a few of my favorites are actually things that are so ridiculously expensive, I would never ever get them...but I still wish for them. haha)

I love this headband from Branchbound. It's close enough to my hair color so it would be a subtle accessory, which I would love. This is the kind of gift I would suggest to someone who asked.

This gorgeous ring from vdeux is something I would ask for from my boyfriend. We've always stayed around $100, so this is just about perfect! Of course it might be weird for him to give me a ring that wasn't an engagement ring at this point :)

How do you guys keep up with your wishlists? Do your relatives/friends/partner ask for some ideas?


alicia said...

bear and i keep DETAILED amazon wishlists. you can add a button to your browser that adds items from any website to your wishlist! it's very handy, and takes all the guess work out of what to buy for each other!


Katie (Lemon Jitters) said...

I have the Amazon wishlist button in my browser tool bar. Love it. It's like a private (sorta private, searchable by email address) Pinterest. You can add anything from any site. It's great for my husband, who can't remember any suggestion I give him.

cb said...

i always keep a little track of items i love. my etsy profile is filled with wonderful goodies!