Friday, June 25, 2010

Dress from DearGoldenVintage

I want to live in this dress. I want to sleep in this dress. I want to be buried in this dress. Basically, I love it. It fits great and it is sooooo incredibly comfortable. I did get asked if I was going out after work by a couple of people (I guess lbd at work is weird or something)...but I also got lots of compliments.

You can find lots of lovely vintage goodies from the same seller on Etsy: Dear GoldenVintage
I've been lusting after lots of items in her shop for a while, but when I saw this dress I could not control myself...I had to buy it.

Sorry about the smug look in the first one. I don't know what to do with my face in pictures.

Ok how adorable is that bow? I had to keep straight pins in it to keep it from flopping, so every now and then I would stick myself when I leaned over. It was totally worth it though.
I wore an old necklace that I have from high school since I had an empty neck to work with. I love that necklace, but I've always wondered if that design has any meaning.
Those shoes have been my loyal companions for...4 years?...I think. I won't tell you where I got them or how much, but let's just say they've held up pretty darn good for the price!

I'm embarrassed that my toes are un-manicured, especially since my boyfriends mother AND grandmother do nails for a living. Maybe I'll get around to a pedi soon...


Pretty Little World said...

Such a cute look! I think your photos look nice :)

I hate having my picture taken - I always either look angry or have some kind of silly face.

Teresa said...

That dress is very pretty! I love that bow detail! DearGolden definitely has some really lovely stuff! :)

Ashley A. said...

Gorgeous dress!! And all of your photos are stunning :)