Thursday, June 14, 2018

Lydia & Keaton - Classic Southern Church Wedding in Jackson, TN

My first wedding in June was the Murley wedding in Jackson. It was a HOT HOT HOT day, but everything was blessedly indoors. Lydia & Keaton dated for several years, and they were so excited to tie the knot! I arrived at the church to start taking pictures of everyone getting ready. I also got detail shots around the beautiful Aldersgate United Methodist Church.

Lydia's boots were SO adorable!

We got started with pictures quite a bit later than planned, but we still got a fair amount done before the ceremony. It helped that it was too hot to do much outside, so we weren't trying to take a ton out there. Eventually Lydia and Keaton got to have their first look. 

Lydia is just a pleasure to be around! She's so down to earth, and I loved capturing her expressions throughout the day.

Soon it was time for the ceremony.

I loved the divider they put up in the foyer. It made the photos look so much better with the hallway/bathrooms covered. Lydia's mom did this and the other decorations, and she did an amazing job!

After the ceremony we took family photos and a few more couple portraits.

When we finished up with photos, we headed over to the Double Tree Hotel for the reception.

Gorgeous cake from LinWood Confections!

I headed out and left them to dance the night away! It was such a beautiful wedding, and I'm so glad to have been a part of it.

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