Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Adora & Oliver's Summer Backyard Tennessee Wedding

Last summer I shot a wedding where Oliver was a groomsman, and when he got engaged, he and his fiancé came to me about doing their wedding. I was so excited to work with them! We did their engagement photos this winter and had just a teeny bit of snow on the ground for them. I had such a great time with them, and I was so excited for their wedding. They were originally planning to get married back in May, but some delays with home renovations caused them to push it to September. After all that waiting, the big day finally arrived!

Unfortunately a storm arrived the night before and did a number on the tents Adora had set up. I didn't see everything before the storm, but personally I thought the way things ended up was great. I was nervous about the weather, but by the time we were ready to take pictures the rain was clearing up, and it never started again! There was supposed to be another string of rain coming right around ceremony time, but it thankfully dissolved.

It turned out to be a fabulous wedding, and I had such a great day with these two! Here are some of my favorite shots from throughout the day

I started the day moving between shooting details and the girls getting ready. It was still raining for the first hour or so that I was there and the guys were running around hanging lights up, moving signs, etc.. It was all hands on deck!

The girls got ready pretty quickly. They'd all gotten their hair done earlier, so it was mostly nails and makeup for them. They were relaxed and enjoying the time together! We finally got the guys over to Adora and Oliver's house to get ready, so I went over there. That's also where Adora wanted to have their first look, so she rode over with me.

Once Oliver was ready, I took him outside for the first look in front of their house.

We took a few pictures there, then we headed back to Oliver's parent's house for the rest.

This hanky Adora made for her mom was just adorable.

Soon it was time for the ceremony! Guests were being shuttled from a parking lot nearby, and everyone was getting settled.

They walked down the aisle together, which I thought was absolutely beautiful. These two have such an amazing bond.

It's official!

A little post-ceremony celebration dancing.

Everything for the reception was in the carport. It was a tight space, but they made it work. Since the rain held off, people were able to hang out around the yard and patio areas as well. They had Picasso pizza, which was amazing. I am a huge fan of Picasso, and apparently Adora is as well.

Everyone had lots of fun dancing and eating! It was a lively reception. They ended the night with a sparkler send-off, and I am in love with this last photo of Oliver dipping Adora. They are just too sweet! I'm so glad they chose me to document this day for them.

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