Sunday, September 18, 2016

Corey & Ali - Meadow Hill Farm Boho Nashville Tennessee Wedding

I am so pumped to share these photos from Corey and Ali's gorgeous wedding at Meadow Hill Farm near Nashville. I don't travel very far out of Jackson often, so it was fun to shoot in a completely new place. Meadow Hill is fairly new and is one of the most beautiful venues I've seen. The owners put so much detail into the set-up, and it is clear they kept photographers in mind when they were designing the space. I just loved it! Throw in an amazing couple like Corey and Ali, and you've got yourself one heck of a day. 

I drove in early Saturday morning and picked up my friend Libby who assisted me for the day. We headed to Columbia around lunchtime, and when we arrived, we started with some details and getting ready shots.

They did all the flowers and table decorations themselves, and it turned out perfectly. The bouquets were so charming and fit in nicely with the bright, airy vibe of the venue. They also included fresh rosemary from Ali's dad's garden. You can't beat the scent of rosemary all around you!

Ali laughing with her sister, Whitney, who referred me to Ali. I went to school with Whitney, and I'm so glad she thought of me for the wedding! It was such a fun one.

Ali had her grandmother's handwriting made into a bracelet by CaitlynMinimalist on Etsy. It was such a sweet tribute!

Lisa Miller (@lisamillerbeauty on Instagram) did all the hair and makeup for the ladies. They all looked stunning! I especially loved Ali's hair. 

I popped into the boys' cabin for a few minutes and got some shots of them getting ready. After they were all ready, we got some photos of the groomsmen as well as photos of Corey and his family. 

Ali's family dog, Buddy, just taking in the action. 

Soon it was time for the ceremony! Eep! 

Corey peeking out from behind the bushes where he was waiting to walk out.

That tear on his cheek...I didn't notice it when I was shooting, but as I was editing, I saw it and smiled so big. Such a sweet moment!

Buddy was a big help walking down the aisle. Way to go, Buddy!

I love all the hugs after the ceremony. This is always such a joyful moment during a wedding day! After lots of congratulations, we took some bridesmaid photos and then some photos of Corey and Ali. My head was spinning during these. There were so many places to take portraits, and I wanted to use them all! I had to eventually let them get food and relax. 

Had to get a shot with the food truck! Califarmia did an amazing job. The food was delicious, and they were super efficient. 

Soon it was time for cake cutting and dancing.

Rachel Hunley did an amazing job on their cake!

This little dance of theirs had me cracking up. This picture pretty much sums up why I like them so much!

I noticed the sunset was looking really pretty so I asked if we could pop outside for a minute. By the time we got to a good spot, it wasn't as colorful, but we still took more shots. 

Once back inside, they did the bouquet and garter toss, then a sparkler exit. 

This was seriously such a fun wedding to shoot. I hope you all enjoyed the photos! 

Cake: Rachel Lauren Hunley
Bride and Bridesmaids Hair and Makeup: Lisa Miller
Bride's bracelet: CaitlynMinimalist on Etsy
Food: Califarmia

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