Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bri & Andrew's Sunny Fall Engagement at Three Way Park

Yesterday was my very last wedding of the year, which I still can't believe. And now that I've got some time, I wanted to catch up on posting some engagement sessions. I didn't take on any weddings in October because my summer was so full, but I ended up shooting so many engagement sessions that I still got behind on my posting. Let's remedy that. 

These are some of my favorite shots from Bri and Andrew's engagement session at Three Way Park. I love this park, and I noticed that a lot of other photographers do as well! I was walking around the trail with my friend before this session and counted five other photographers having sessions. I guess I picked a popular spot, but luckily when Bri and Andrew got there, we had it mostly to ourselves. The light was absolutely perfect, and I drug them all over the park for an hour. I love the results not only because of the light, but because these two have amazing smiles. I couldn't help but smile from behind the camera as I was photographing them, especially during the moments when I had them just talk to each other.  

We took a few family photos with their son. He could definitely be a baby Gap model! Or toddler Gap if that's a thing.

Congrats, Bri & Andrew! I look forward to being there for your wedding next year.

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