Friday, August 7, 2015

Forest & Elizabeth - Wedding and Magical Fyrne Lake Reception

You may remember Forest and Elizabeth from their woodsy engagement session this past winter. Well the wedding has come and gone, and I had such a wonderful time with these two! Everything turned out beautifully, and it was a wonderful day of celebrating. When I arrived in Dyersburg, I met the guys at the Fyrne Lake lodge, and we took some shots of them getting ready. 

I left there and stopped by the reception site to get some decor photos while it was empty. It was gorgeous out there! Just like a fairytale.

From there, I headed to the salon where Elizabeth was getting her hair styled. I think I got lost trying to get to every one of these locations, but somehow I survived!

Elizabeth's short hair is pretty simple to style, so this didn't take very long. I loved the sparkly headband she wore! Once the hair was good to go, we headed to the church just around the corner for her to finish getting ready.

Reni, Elizabeth's mom, is just the sweetest woman! I worked with her throughout the preparation for the wedding, and she was so wonderful to get to know. Elizabeth is the only girl out of Reni's four children, so I know this was a really special day for her.

Elizabeth's brother did the drawing for the programs and made a canvas for guests to sign.  

I love their unique rings! Her's also had an inscription on the inside that said "I'm Yours" 

We got as many portraits done before the wedding as we could, and Elizabeth wanted to get a shot with Forest without them seeing each other. This was right in the doorway of the room where the bridesmaids were getting ready.

Elizabeth's grandmother came by the room before the ceremony.

I love the moments right before the ceremony starts. So much anticipation!

Seeing his lovely bride coming down the aisle! 

Elizabeth's father has been her pastor all her life, so it was very special to have him perform the ceremony. It was a beautiful service with a the Doxology sung at the end. The Doxology gets me every time.  

We took a few photos in the church before heading to the reception. See that light streaming across the stage? That posed a big problem for family photos. Probably the most difficult lighting situation I've dealt with! I couldn't think of an alternate location that would be convenient, so I did my best. It was fine for the small groups, which was the majority of the photos.

 Isn't this place gorgeous?!

They got each other good! 


We snuck down to the dock to get just a couple of quick photos of them by the lake before the sun disappeared.

A funny little photo-bomber. 

I can't remember the name of this dance that the wedding party did, but after they danced, they got a bunch of guests out there and taught them how.

Later, one of Elizabeth's relatives taught everyone some Greek dances. Reni's family is Greek so it was cool that they incorporated that into the activities. And the FOOOOOOOD. OMG the food. Greek food is possibly the best food in the world. I may have taken about 8 pieces of baclava home when I left.

And away they go!! The bubbles looked really cool with the lights in the background.

Congrats to the Strouds! Thank you for letting me a part of this beautiful day. My legs still haven't recovered from all the mosquito bites, but it was worth it!

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