Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Logan - 9 Months

Earlier this week I was FINALLY able to get some portraits of this sweet boy here. I went to high school with his mom, Brandie, and she contacted me a few weeks ago about getting some photos of him. We had a hard time getting together because every time we scheduled a shoot, the weather was either cold or rainy. It's very hard to predict the weather in Jackson because the forecast changes so often. We finally had a nice day Monday, so we took advantage of it! I'm super happy with how these look. It's hard to take a bad shot of such a cutie. I just love the one of his smiling at his toy!

I am getting geared up for a race this coming weekend, and I could not possibly be more excited! Libby, Emily and Kelsey are going with me to St. Louis to run the GO! St. Louis marathon relay. I'm not exactly prepared for it, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun. It'll just be nice to have some girl time!

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Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

omg what an adorable little guy. you take the prettiest photos too.and i love the natural wood all around.