Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkins and Pictures

I took my camera with me to the boyfriend's house the other day to take some pictures of his niece. She is 9 months old already! It seems like she was just born yesterday. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took. She got fed up with our harassment pretty quickly, so we only got a few. I love the ones with the pumpkins, so I wanted to share them here!

You all have permission to gush about how adorable she is. I don't think I can accurately express how much I love babies...especially this baby! She's like...the perfect child. Of course I don't live there, but every time I'm over she is seriously just an angel! She is always such a happy baby.

I hope you guys are enjoying some nice Fall weather! It's gotten chilly and rainy here, but I'm hoping it will warm back up a little soon. I'm not ready for winter yet!


Gorgeous Glam said...

How cute! They grow up fast! xo

cb said...

she is super cute and the colors in these pictures turned out so nice! it is sad when babies grow up too fast :(

cabin + cub said...

Very cute! She is very photogenic!

Bre said...

You are so right, the ones with the pumpkins she looks SO cute in!!! Good job.