Thursday, March 31, 2016

Amy and Andrew - Crazy K Ranch Grey and Yellow Wedding

Earlier in March, I had the pleasure of capturing Amy and Andrew on their wedding day. I met Amy a while back for a consultation, but it wasn't until the wedding day that I got to see how hilarious and wonderful she is. I could probably have a full blog post of just the different expressions she made throughout the day! She and Andrew are so adorable together, and just by looking at them, you can tell how happy they are. Here are some of my favorite shots from that great day at Crazy K Ranch.

I started out by taking some detail photos, because they had this place decorated so beautifully!

Loved these seed packets for favors

Sweet little cupcakes set aside for them during the "cake cuttings" 

After some detail shots, I got lots of Amy getting ready as well as a few of Andrew. They also gave each other perfume/cologne which I thought was cute. It was such a relaxed morning, and everything was running ahead of schedule! Amy had made sure there was plenty of extra time just in case, so everyone had time to really enjoy each part of the day.

Writing her letter to Andrew 

At this point it was finally time for their first look! We headed to another part of the property for this, and that's where we took all the portraits. It was perfect!

Amy was laughing at how much more Andrew had written to her. She said he definitely won in that area!

It was such a sweet first look, and now we had a really good chunk of time for portraits! We even had 15 minutes left over when we were done. It was so nice and relaxed.

Their dog Duke joined us. Amy is a brave woman doing this! Duke is pretty active, and that dress is pretty delicate. Luckily there were no mishaps. I had a ton of fun photographing them with Duke. If you know me, you know how much I love the pups :)

Seriously. They couldn't be cuter. Next up the family and bridal party joined us for some more portraits.

Amy and her sister, Christie. I actually went to high school with her! 

We headed back to the event center to get ready for the ceremony! Amy had some last minute things to do, and then she headed out the back with her dad to get ready to come down the aisle. I could tell she was nervous but really excited.

She wore her mother's ring inside her dress during the ceremony. I think one of them might have been her grandmother's, but I can't remember for sure.

Married! We took a few family photos in the venue, then it was time for the reception.

They played this game where they have to answer a question by holding up the shoe belonging to the person. It's hard to explain... It's like the newlywed game except the answer to every question is Amy or Andrew. And they're using shoes. Anyway, you get it, right? It was cute.

They went up to the balcony for all the dances. 

Off they go! It was such a wonderful wedding. It was one of those days that had zero stress, and I loved it. I love the stressful ones too (something seriously wrong with me...haha), but it's nice to have a lot of extra time to take it easy during each part of the day.

I just love this. Really shows off Amy's charming personality!

That's it! Congratulations to the Woods, and I wish you all the best.

Venue: Crazy K Ranch in Michie, TN
Hair: Courtney Taylor from TLC & Co. Salon
Cake: Sweetly Ever After
Catering: Gourmet Your Way

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