Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Stephan & Christy's Comic Book Themed Wedding

I remember when I first met with Stephan and Christy, I knew their wedding would be a fun one. They used comic-book themed decor and dressed like their favorite characters. Christy was Harley Quinn and Stephan was Batman. They even created a bat cave for the bar area! I loved how creative everything was. The theme was carried out really well, and it felt very much like an elegant wedding with a twist. Here are some of my favorites from this lively day:

Inside the bat cave

Christy and Stephan have four kids between them, and they were all adorable. This is their oldest helping keep the heat inside the barn!

They had a sweet first look when Christy arrived at Nelson's Barn, then we took some portraits of them. We didn't have much time, so we didn't venture far from the barn.

Christy wore one red and one black pump to go with her Harley Quinn look. 

Each of the guys had a super hero tie clip. 

Had to get the super hero shirts in there!  

This was about as good as we could get with all four kids, but I'm just happy they are mostly looking and smiling! There were at least four people trying to wrangle the middle boys at any given time. They were hilarious!

The girls in their themed outfits. I am not 100% sure if the girl on the far left is Huntress, but I think so. Then we have Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Wonder Woman.

Three generations, all with the most gorgeous eyes.  

Oldest son hugging dad. LOVED this. I normally shoot everyone as they're walking out of the ceremony and miss these sweet moments. I might have to start foregoing the recessional for these.

Christy and Stephan celebrated with a bottle of Cristal.

There was lots of dancing! I loved when Stephan's mom and dad were out on the floor.  

The comic book style champagne glasses were awesome! 

Like I said, these two were hilarious. 

They did some karaoke for a while. Stephan is a battle rapper, and I think it was special for him to watch his son doing some rapping during karaoke. I know they all had a lot of fun!

They exited to some bubbles, which I thought looked nice inside instead of outside. You can actually see them!

Congrats you two, and I hope your marriage is off to a perfect start! Thank you for including me as part of this special day.

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