Friday, September 11, 2015

Sara & Timmy - Chester County Elopement and Chickasaw Portraits

Earlier this year, I booked Sara & Timmy's wedding and was so excited to work with them! We did their engagement photos at Lake Graham, and were set for their wedding in September. Well, a little while later, Sara messaged me and said they were thinking about just nixing the whole wedding thing and eloping. I can't blame them at all! Weddings are stressful and expensive, and they did what was right for them.

I think more brides should consider this, to be honest. I know it seems weird coming from someone who makes a living from weddings, but sometimes the planning and headache isn't worth it. If you're doing it for anyone but yourself and your fiancé, don't do it! You don't want to look back on your wedding day and remember how uncomfortable you were with the whole event. I don't think the majority of brides feel this way, but some personalities just don't do well with having attention on themselves all day.

I thought Sara and Timmy's ceremony on the courthouse steps was perfectly lovely, and I was so happy to have been witness to it. When they return from their honeymoon, they're having a reception for friends and family to attend and celebrate with them. Speaking of honeymoon, they've been at Disney World and I've been stalking Sara's facebook to see pictures. I am going in two weeks and am SO PUMPED! Ok, I'm done rambling. Here are my favorite shots from Sara & Timmy's courthouse wedding and photo shoot afterwards:

Waiting in the hall of the courthouse 

The family stood on the porch, while Sara & Timmy stood at the edge of the steps. The best place for me would have been at the end of the walkway by the street and zoomed way in. Alas, the sprinklers were going all over the place, so I couldn't back that far up without getting soaked. I'm still happy with the ones I got!

And just like that, they're married! It was short and so very, very sweet.  

They headed back inside to make it official and file it. I was glad to get a few shots of them inside the courthouse offices. 

We went over to their home and they dressed in the clothes they had bought for the wedding. Figuring out how to fasten the dress was a bit of a fun challenge!

A quick photo with their street sign. 

After some family shots at their home, we headed out to Chickasaw for some portraits. 

Thank you two so much for letting me a part of this special day! I hope you're still having a blast at the most magical place on earth.

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