Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adam & Meghan's Vintage Inspired Wedding in Jackson Tennessee

First of all, let me just say that Adam & Meghan are probably one of the sweetest couples that I've ever met. They are so kind to each other and are clearly best friends. I loved watching them interact and capturing cute little moments between them. They also have a wonderful group of friends and family who gathered together with them a couple of weeks ago to celebrate their marriage. Meghan's mother and aunt did an absolutely fabulous job decorating The Opera House for the reception. Everything was so classy with a definite vintage-inspired vibe. I loved it all!

Yummy, delicious cake by the talented Beth Wilson 

I started off with the girls upstairs in The Opera House. Everyone arrived pretty much ready, so I just got photos of Meghan and her bridesmaids getting in their dresses. Of course the lighting upstairs in The Opera House is my absolute favorite, so I was happy!

Wedding day countdown. Today's the day!

Once Meghan was ready, it was time for her first look with Adam.

We went straight into portraits in The Opera House. We probably could have done some outside, but it was mid-day and super bright out, as you'll see in some photos we took on the way to the ceremony. 

The bridal party joined us for some photos upstairs. I used my favorite wall, of course.  

I love Meghan's vibrant personality. She keeps everyone laughing!  

We treked down the road a couple of blocks to this courtyard. It was a good place for the bridal party to spread out a bit for a photo. Plus it's pretty out there!

Meghan carried this little hanky around her bouquet as her "something old." It's a hanky that was made into a bonnet. That little bonnet is what newborn Adam was brought home from the hospital in! I love that she incorporated that into her day.

We took a few shots downstairs, which is where the reception was held. I love the lights down there! 

So this is what I was referencing about the harsh lighting that day. It made for some gorgeous colors though, right?! Meghan and Adam met at Union University, so we stopped by on our way to the ceremony for a few photos in front of the bell tower. I love the way the clouds look behind them! From there we continued on to the adorable Christ Community Church for the ceremony.

My gorgeous and talented friend, Alice doing her thing on the guitar. I could listen to that woman sing and play all day. ALL DAY.  

You can't tell me you're not tearing up a little right now. I may have had to wipe a few tears off my LCD screen after this emotional service. My goodness these two are sweet. It's worth noting that Adam's emotional reaction to seeing his gorgeous bride coming down the aisle was AFTER they'd done a first look. So for people who think the first look takes away the "specialness" of the walk down the aisle...well, it doesn't.

When the unity candle's wick was buried down in the wax, it was Ben Williams to the rescue with one of the candles from a candelabra as a substitution.

After this beautiful ceremony, the Griffiths headed out to their limo to go to the reception. When they arrived, they waited outside down the street a little to let everyone else get inside.

I loved this guestbook idea!  

And away they go! I was actually kind of sad the day was over. It was such a lovely celebration, and I very much enjoyed documenting these moments for them. Best wishes in this new chapter of your lives!

Reception Venue: The Opera House
Cake: Beth Wilson
Catering: Silla's Spoon
Planner: Janie Williams
Hair/Makeup: Ulta (I think)

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