Sunday, June 7, 2015

Stephen & Paige's Joyful Wedding in Jackson Tennessee

Paige and Stephen are recent graduates of Union, where I work full-time. Paige came up to me at the beginning of the fall semester last year to ask me about shooting her wedding. After meeting with her and Stephen, then booked me, and I got to know them over the course of the year. I would see them around campus, always arm in arm, and I got more and more excited to photograph their wedding! They were always together and always radiating joy. Finally, the big day arrived, and here are some favorite shots from the day.

After Paige got dressed and ready, we headed outside to take a few shots at the church. We didn't take many there because we planned to do photos at the reception venue, but I'm SO GLAD we snagged these shots because after the ceremony, it pretty much rained the rest of the night. Isn't she lovely?! I love her hair curled.

Oh my heart. This was the sweetest moment! They chose not to do a first look, but they wanted to take a photo before the ceremony without seeing each other, so we set this up. Stephen wrote Paige a letter, and they chatted for a minute about how excited they were. I think I heard "I love you" at least 25 times in about 2 minutes. I was legit tearing up behind the camera. I can't help it! I'm a sap!

Soon it was time for the ceremony.

Singing "Great is Thy Faithfulness" with their guests.

Communion together 

The bridal party danced their way out of the ceremony. 

I don't recommend driving while photographing, but I did manage to get this shot without incident. I didn't even look over, I just threw my camera up as I passed them and hoped my settings were right. Luckily since I'd just shot them in the sun anyway, it was fine. And I hit focus! Score! I wish I'd gotten one with both of them in it, but I do like this shot anyway.

As you can see, Stephen is an ultimate frisbee player.

It started raining almost as soon as we got under the covering. They moved the reception from the Providence House down to the amphitheater earlier because we knew the rain was coming. I was apprehensive about how it would look, but it turned out just fine! They did a wonderful job setting everything up, and the lighting was wonderful.

Paige and her father, Jordan. I grew up knowing the name Jordan Tang, because he was the symphony conductor for years. He passed his musical talents down to his children too. Paige is a very talented violinist, and she's played in many of the other weddings I've photographed.

After the big stuff was out of the way, Paige and Stephen put on some dancing clothes. They love to swing dance, so they had a lot of great swing dancing music playing!

The skies cleared just long enough for them to do their balloon exit! It went by so quickly that I didn't get very many shots, but I do love this one above and the one of them running up to the house.

We took a few portraits of them at the Providence House, and before we got to just the two of them it started pouring again. The only portraits I got to take of them together were on the balcony and inside. Silly rain! I think this May was one of the rainiest I remember in a long time. Luckily I really love the photos of them on the balcony :)

Congrats Paige and Stephen! Thank you for choosing me to document this special day for you. It was awesome!

Ceremony Venue: Evangelical Community Church
Reception Venue: Casey Jones Village Amphitheater
Catering and Cake: Old Country Store

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