Thursday, June 18, 2015

Stacey and Alex's Colorful Opera House Wedding

When I had a consultation with Stacey, I met her at her apartment. I can't remember why we met there, but it totally set the tone for the rest of my time with her! I got to hang out with her and her sweet little pup, Jack. Her parents were there too, so I just felt like one of the family. Stacey is very laid back and casual, but she is also really on top of things and knows what she wants, which is great when planning a wedding. She did a great job pulling everything together!

I started out taking pictures of some of the wedding day details at The Opera House in Humboldt. I love this venue, and I was so happy to work here again!

These used their engagement photos in several places 

Stacey's hair stylist started working on Stacey's hair and gave it the perfect wave to go with her flowy dress. She used this amazing stuff that gave her hair like double the volume! It was like magic.

After her bridesmaids got her in the dress, it was time for the first look...Jack's first look!

He came bounding in the room and jumped around her a little. I have one shot where he is completely airborne! We took some bridal portraits, then I got some shots of Alex finishing up getting ready.

Ok NOW it's time for the first look with the bride and groom. At this point Stacey was so nervous she was shaking. I don't know what it is about that time right before either the first look or the walk down the aisle, but that is when all the nervousness that you've stifled for months just comes flooding in all at once. It never fails. Some brides are just naturally calm, so it doesn't show much, but Stacey was like I was at my wedding. Until she got to see Alex, she was pretty nervous!

How cute are they?! Stacey's nervousness just melted away after the first look, and she and Alex just relaxed and enjoyed their day. We took portraits right after the first look, and did everything indoors because it's Tennessee in do the math (100 degrees + 10000000% humidity = not going outside).

After their portraits, we just had to get bridal party photos and family photos done and relax until the ceremony. I loved that no one was rushing around, which was helped by the fact that everything is so compact at The Opera House. That's one great thing about ceremony/reception being in one spot!

This was one of the bridesmaids' idea! I think it turned out pretty well, and I love that they all fit just perfectly in the window. I wanted one of just Stacey and Alex in the window, but I couldn't communicate that with my crazy hand waving.

Stacey warned me that she would "ugly cry" but she held it together like a champ.

It was such a sweet ceremony. I love that Jack actually participated and sat there so quietly!

After the reception, they came back upstairs and changed into these adorable t-shirts. See what I mean about Stacey being on top of things? She had all these cute little details for the day.

Congrats you two, and I wish you the best! I am so happy that you chose me to document this special day for you.

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