Friday, June 13, 2014

The Staders, A Runners Wedding

Rehearsal dinner performance by Dudes A-Plenty. That would be my chiropractor in the front there. These are some goofy guys, but they sure are fun!

Scott and Jana got married back in February here in Jackson. I was referred to them by a fellow photographer, and once I heard that they were runners, I knew it was a great match! Sometimes you just immediately click with people, especially when you share a major hobby. I was thrilled that they chose me to document their rehearsal and wedding, with a 5K squeezed in there.

Starting and finishing together! This 5K was the morning of the wedding. It was killing me not to be running with them!

This is what they refer to as "the Stader" and it's become a staple for their friend group. Scott started a Facebook group for streakers (running every day, not running naked) called RUN365, and the whole community has embraced this pose. It's quite the phenomenon.

They are both big Hoka One One fans, so they wore them during the wedding. I'm pretty sure they were a gift from the company! How cool is that?!

As you can probably tell from the photos, this was a fun wedding to shoot. I am talking ZERO stress at this wedding. Everyone was just there to have fun and celebrate with Scott and Jana. It was everything a wedding should be, plus a little awesome running sprinkled on for good measure.

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