Sunday, June 2, 2013

Zoo Run with my Ladies

Full disclosure, THIS HAPPENED IN JANUARY. I put the photos on my computer, then completely forgot about them! I still wanted to post about it though, because it was such a fun weekend. A couple of my best college friends, Emily and Miranda, joined me and we drove to Nashville to meet Libby for the Zoo Run. It's a yearly 5k at the Nashville Zoo that is just a ton of fun. We drove up the night before and stayed in Libby's brand new condo! She's like...a grown up. It's so weird. She did an amazing job with the colors in there. The blue in the living room is just gorgeous! I love the huge window in the breakfast nook too.

That's little miss home owner on the left :) Actually they both own homes. And so do I. Like I said, grown up = weird.

GAH. So pretty. 

Part of the fun of the Zoo Run is that a lot of people dress up as various animals to run it. Emily decided that they would run as penguins because we had a sort of dorm room mascot in college, and he was a penguin. Also penguins are amazing, so...

I decided to save my money and just be a cheerleader, so I didn't get to run through and see the animals. I was a little sad, but it was good that I got to take a few pictures of the girls! I also took some pictures of other random people just to practice. I always need practice with fast paced events like this! Some of my lenses are pretty slow to focus, so it's kind of hit or miss. I desperately need to teach myself to manually focus. 

And they're off!

not really a zoo animal, but Batman was there! ha

 adorable family

And they're back! Sorry, Miranda, that was the best one with both of you in it :) :) :) haha. Emily likes to sprint to the finish, so I missed her. After the run we ate some spaghetti served by the zoo, then we went to TRADER JOE'S! I always try to hit up TJs when I go to Nashville because we don't have one here or in Memphis. It stinks because I love that place.

So yeah, this happened like 6 months ago, but I guess that's not a huge amount of time in the grand scheme of things. We talked about trying to get together once a month, but that's not really working so far. We all have so much going on that it's hard to get together that often. And one of our other friends is living in West Virginia, so we don't get to see her anymore either. It stinks! As much as I enjoy being independent and out of school, I miss being able to see these girls every day. The sad thing is that me and Miranda live in the same town! AND WE'RE COUSINS. haha. The only time I see her really is when the family gets together. I guess a handful of times a year is better than not seeing them at all. I gotta be grateful for what I have. I've just been thinking about them lately, so this was a nice little reminiscing post.

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