Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Come Spring and Hurry

As I write this today, it is actually finally warm again. But the last few weeks have been so back and forth weather-wise that I've been in a glass case of emotion (bonus points if you get that reference). I shouldn't be surprised since Fall was so back and forth as well, but seriously, get warm and stay that way! These photos were taken on a particularly chilly day recently. Margaret and I met up to take the pictures, and we basically just complained about the temperature the entire time. We're such beacons of positivity.

I was actually kind of thankful for the opportunity to wear this jacket one more time. I bought it from Express one year when I had a pretty massive coupon (they have THE BEST coupons with their credit card). I wanted to get something that was unlike anything else I had, and this definitely fit the bill. I usually stay far away from white since (a) I'm clumsy and (b) white gets dingy, but I just really liked the contrast on this jacket. The black faux leather details around the zippers and the fabric on the front  panels just kind of drew me in. I personally think this jacket is a perfect match for my favorite Levi's. If I wasn't worried about getting a million stains on this thing, I would probably wear it a lot more often! Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to get white pants...but I doubt it.

jacket- Express
earrings - gift
jeans- Levi's
boots- Madden Girl from Marshall's (similar)


LeeLee said...

Great outfit. I like the action shot of you running, haha.

Lisa {A Piece of Lisa} said...

Cool shots! I love your jacket, it looks so chic!

Diana Mieczan said...

Let me just start by saying how much I adore the second photo. its awesome!

The jacket is beautiful. I love how simple yet stylish it looks. Have a great Monday, sweetie.

Paulie Antiques said...

love your earrings!

love, polly

WhatSheSaysGoes said...

Nice jacket! Love the running/jumping shot lol. :)